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Singlewire and ConvergeOne On-Site Workshop

Your campuses have an emergency communications plan, but when the worst happens, do you have the confidence that critical notifications about severe weather, environmental hazards, and active intruders are actually reaching all of your affected students, faculty, and visitors quickly in minutes?

Join Singlewire and ConvergeOne for a productive workshop and live demonstration of modern mass notification utilizing more than just sights, sounds, and SMS to reach out across critical channels. We demystify what mass notification is and is not, providing tangible use cases to check and improve your existing safety protocols, from targeted campus paging to emergency call lists.


Thursday, December 6th

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. MDT

ConvergeOne Office

5335 Meadows Road, Lake Oswego, OR 

Suite 155

Modern emergency notification is challenging the incident response plan, reinventing how districts improve on the flexibility and automation of their communication plans for timely responses to student safety:

  • How many channels of communication do I need to establish with personnel for holistic alerting?
  • Is one-way communication enough?
  • What is the correlation between alerting and emergency 911 calls?
  • Should you automate lockdowns?
  • In an emergency, how do I discern who is safe and who still needs help?

Safe Student Solutions by ConvergeOne and Singlewire:

With a few button presses, staff can initiate playback of pre-recorded warning messages across the district. IP clocks switch their digital readouts to scrolling notifications. Live phone calls are interrupted with set, audible warnings, and a call list of district leaders plus emergency personnel are automatically dialed into a voice conference room.  Text and audio announcements are sent to employees and parents, and classrooms can automatically be locked down, minimizing the risk of 1 to 4 individuals becoming a victim for every minute of an active shooter incident.

Join us