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CYBERSEcurity summit


Join ConvergeOne's National Cybersecurity Group and our valued partners as we dive deeper into the current cybersecurity landscape and discuss best practices around creating effective people, processes, policies and platforms to support an overarching program capable of defending against modern-day cyber threats.


March 5, 2020
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m

The Club, Inc.
1 Robert S. Smith Drive
Birmingham, AL  35209


Choose from eight different sessions and attend the ones that are most relevant to you and your organization. A few topics to consider are:


Defending your Enterprise against Robocalls and Voice Spam 

The Mutare Voice™ Spam Filter is a revolutionary application that stops robocalls and voice spam from reaching your phone extension. Attend this session to learn about product features and how Mutare can help C1 customers reduce voice spam and vishing while improving network performance.


The 9 Security Lessons of 2019
Critical Information to Fuel Your Cyber-Resiliency: Challenging to dispute that 2019 was the worst data breach year on record with 30% more reported breaches than 2018, six of them being 100 million records or more each. Since these well publicized, credibility-shattering events give us a clear picture of what failure looks like, let’s analyze nine of these lessons, then make changes in 2020 and beyond to make our organizations far more cyber-resilient than we were at the end of 2019.


Cybersecurity Strategies for Today’s Environment

Learn how organizations can better position themselves for success in today’s volatile environment.  Specifically, we will discuss how all cybersecurity vendors look at threat intelligence, the relevant standards in place (NIST, Zero Trust, HIPAA, PII, FERPA, etc.), and how organizations can take a holistic approach to protect themselves.  We will close out the session with a demonstration of how a collapsed threat intelligence environment can help an organization better understand its risk position.


The CISO Perspective: Learn from former Fortune 250 Global CISO.  How to develop a holistic security strategy, inclusive of presentiong to a CEO and Board

“According to Deloitte’s Future of Cyber Survey,37% of CISO’s now state that cyber transformation presents them with a serious challenge. CISOs also sit closer to the C-Suite than ever before. While there’s still a divide between CISOs and other executives, this gap has become narrower, with a third of Boards of Directors requiring an enterprise cybersecurity briefing at least once each quarter. We will discuss how CISO’s can communicate cyber threats in the board’s chosen language of risk, with exact figures,  and business impact  to quantify threats in the language that business leaders understand.”


Accelerating Innovation with Intrinsic Security
In this session we will discuss how security can be positioned to help accelerate innovation by helping streamline processes when taking advantage of the consolidation of security and infrastructure. Here at Dell Technologies, we believe that security has to be pervasive, seamless, and invisible in order to accomplish this goal.


Ransomware Jail - is there anyway out?
Ransomware continues to be a growing threat with the economic impact steadily increasing - estimated at $11.5 Billion
for 2019 up from $1 Billion in 2016. This pressure has put IT departments on the front line of defense - but how can you prepare for this type of attack much less mitigate it? Are solutions even possible? (Spoiler Alert - Pure Storage has a simple + unique combination of simplicity, Rapid Restore, and "immutability plus" to help). Join this session, led by Pure's Nick Psaki, to learn about these topics and more:

  • Threat: Concerns that IT departments are facing. We'll stay away from FUD, but life is sometimes scary.
  • Theory: Nowadays, everyone has backups. So why are people still paying ransoms? (Clue: Complexity).
  • Solutions: Yes, you can do more than just have a current resume if hit by ransomware. We'll explore what you can do in this event both in general and then focus on where Pure can help in mitigating the impact of a ransomware attack and underpin detection capabilities using Splunk. There's even the potential for Zero RTO recoveries.


Zero Trust: The Perimeter Is The Wrong Parameter
IT leaders across the country are re-evaluating their approach to effective security postures, recognizing that technology must be secure and sustainable, regularly assessed, and methodically deployed: you manage sensitive and critical data across distributed sites for numerous wired and wireless users accessing data locally and in the cloud with a demanding, distributed, enterprise-grade environment.  How do you put a fence around all of that?

Our operations require technology leaders to act on fact, and when 77% of the organizations hit with ransomware globally are already using up-to-date endpoint security, it’s time to rethink strategy on traditional perimeter protection.

In this session, ConvergeOne will discuss a framework of cyber security with key controls that maximize budget, limit exposures, and strengthen postures in a real-world way, redefining what it means to have a trusted and untrusted environment.


Threat Hunting with Next Generation Detection and Response.
While threat hunting is an essential part of your security operations daily routine, let's face it, it's not easy. Your teams are dealing with too many alerts, complicated workflows, and a lack of coherent data correlation to prioritize and response quickly.

Palo Alto Networks is changing the equation by radically simplifying and automating security operations. Cortex XDR is an evolution in detection and response where the "X" stands for any data source, be it network, endpoint, or cloud, all feeding into powerful automation and behavior analytics-powered security technology. 


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