What Are Business Applications?

Business applications are software solutions or a collection of programs that deliver superior business functionality. Business applications are also used to boost and oversee productivity throughout the entire organization. Custom business apps can be used internally, externally, or alongside other business apps. These apps can either be purchased as an off-the-shelf solution or built in-house. The specific needs and budget of a business help to inform the type of software it will ultimately choose. There are three main types of business apps.

B2B Apps

These apps are used between business partners and can be accessed using specific lines of business. For example, a bulk order submission web service.

B2C Apps

These apps are used for general applications and are primarily web-based dynamic content sites. For example, e-Commerce apps or customer loyalty apps.

Internal Apps

These apps are utilized within the business and are often core apps for business functionality. Examples include HR systems and Internal ERP systems.

There are also subcategories of business applications.

Background applications are back-end apps that function behind the scenes and serve as management for background processes.

Front-end applications allow users to interact with them directly, typically through a Graphical User Interface.

Service-based applications are used as an integration point for other systems or apps.

We Build Modern, Cloud-Native Custom Apps

Not all applications are created equal, especially for organizations with unique products or services that need more than just standard software solutions. New cloud-native services and adoption of Agile culture in the enterprise are enabling traditional organizations to grow faster and to use applications that are just as unique as their offering. Our software development team specializes in modernizing software applications, creating continuous deployment and testing capabilities, and enabling companies to grow by building applications specific to their needs and processes.

data apps

Application Development


We help clients reduce cycle times and get to market faster by building new cloud-based applications and modernizing existing tools.

The way we build software is changing every day, and serverless application development is leading the way. Cloud-native serverless applications enable companies to deploy services faster, reduce IT operational and infrastructure costs, and adapt to ever-changing business needs. Our team of custom application developers build serverless applications that scale on-demand and reduce operating costs, so IT organizations don't need to worry about infrastructure support.

Business leaders are under pressure to create a bigger impact from their legacy applications. Companies that modernize their mobile and web applications are able to react to business needs faster, and reduce the financial risk that's often created from their legacy IT environment.

Where out of the box solutions are not enough, we reimagine how the application can serve the need of specific users. We scope out the business objective, assess existing technology, and understand the desired outcome to build custom web applications that last. From ingesting the right data sources to helping visualize information with dashboards, our experts build bespoke.

SaaS applications are powering new types of businesses with a digital subscription pricing model. We help SaaS companies build new multi-tenant and modern software applications that increase revenue through a digital subscription model.

The Cases for Customization

The custom software development process addresses specific user requirements that generic applications don't fulfill. Prime TSR, a ConvergeOne Company developers specialize in complex custom software solutions, from custom web applications to custom enterprise software, sharing their insights along the way.


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Legacy System Modernization Approaches to Revamp Outdated Software

You’ve built a plan to deliver a new modern application interface to better serve your business. Due diligence has been performed, ROI calculated, and technology and business leadership teams both agree that this enhancement is well overdue. However, by not considering all layers of an application, several critical concerns may still exist even after the new interface has been completed.


Is Custom Software Development Right for You?

My industry has extremely strict security and privacy regulations.

Several industries collect and utilize both personal and financial information. Some notable industries that operate under this methodology are finance, healthcare, and real estate. Although this sensitive personal information is often well protected, if that information gets into the wrong hands, it could not only destroy the customer’s lives but ruin your business as well.

To comply with both customer expectations and industry regulations, you need the right software in the right place. Off-the-shelf software applications are often a big target for hackers. So if you choose to use it, your data can be at risk. Customized software solutions can address the strict privacy and security requirements of your business.

I have industry-specific needs that off-the-shelf software doesn’t address.

No matter how great it might be, every off-the-shelf app platform has its limits. In reality, many industries simply do not have off-the-shelf software that can meet their actual needs and accelerate project workflow. For example, construction, retail, education, healthcare, and large-scale food service and catering companies all struggle with the same issues.

For service companies, cross-department interaction on project delivery and bids creates additional, unique challenges. The roundabout solution typically involves collections of spreadsheets, documents, databases, and invoices. All the functionality you need can be streamlined into a single place through custom app development services, allowing your business to operate more efficiently.

I’m on a tight budget.

Although it may not seem like it, off-the-shelf software platforms can ultimately be much more costly than custom application development. Since off-the-shelf software is usually charged annually or for individual license fees, the overall expense can rise quickly. The larger your company is and the more users there will be, the more likely it is that custom app development would be the correct choice for you.

I use way too many applications every day.

Using a large number of business applications can be very overwhelming. Several companies frequently add more business applications to their productivity stack, so numbers continue to rise. Even worse, a lot of these applications can not be integrated. If you find integrations within your existing business applications are critical, custom application development just might be the right idea for you.

Scalability is (or might be) a problem for us.

It’s standard to use workarounds for a while to keep your new business up and running. However, as your business grows, your needs will change, and those changes can be pretty dramatic. As your business grows and gets busier, workarounds ultimately cost you money, time, and energy. With the help of custom applications, you can scale up or down, offering flexibility when you need it most.

I need my software to work a certain way forever.

When you choose to buy an off-the-shelf software solution, you’re choosing to build the foundation of your business on software made by someone else. The company can readily change its software at any time, try something new, or even (unfortunately) go out of business. This kind of issue can leave a lasting impact on your company. If you have specific software standards that drive your daily business operations, creating your own custom-built application could be a game-changing strategy for your business.



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