WATCH NOW: The City of Henderson's Rapid Network Deployment

Posted by ConvergeOne on Aug 30, 2022 10:00:00 AM

The City of Henderson, Nevada, serves 320,000 residents. ConvergeOne became the city’s go-to networking partner after supporting a firewall transition, assisting with training, implementation and long-term strategic planning for leveraging new technologies. ConvergeOne also helped set up rapid deployment kits that allowed the city’s emergency management and safety department to quickly and efficiently deploy COVID testing and inoculation centers.

“Having rapid deployment kits and partnering with ConvergeOne made us able to be heroes for city management and the activities that they want to do, and for our office of emergency management and safety to be able to deploy rapidly,” said Jared Hansen, IT Infrastructure Manager, City of Henderson, Nevada.

Watch the Customer Connections videos to see how ConvergeOne helped the City of Henderson's IT department become heroes for city management and the residents they serve.

Helping the City of Henderson Rapidly Deploy Networking Needs

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A True Partnership

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