Customer Empowerment: The Evolution of Customer Engagement

Posted by Mark Langanki on Nov 9, 2020 10:00:00 AM

The concept of customer experience is top-of-mind for every company with a contact center, and the need to actualize beyond self-service and voice has become urgent. There has been a tremendous push within this space to incorporate newer technologies like omnichannel and journey orchestration. This push has been defined by a desire to develop new opportunities for ecommerce and online marketing through the use of these technologies.

Simply put: Consumers demand some form of digital interaction and self-service, so contact centers must evolve to answer their calls—or texts, or emails, or chats… 

In order to achieve their desired business objectives, companies need to transition their focus from the actual digital technologies to the concept of customer empowerment. Customer empowerment is a natural progression in the evolution of customer experience. It leverages technologies that enable customers to use what they want, when they want—all while ensuring the correct data is flowing throughout all contact points, thereby illuminating the true customer experience.

Customer experience is what happened. Customer empowerment impacts change by using analytics to tell us how technology can provide the greatest value. Customers want their intent and relevant context to be made available as they traverse communication channels. Companies must be able to use this data to make better decisions.

When we look closer at customer intent, we really need to define the “customer objective” to make an actionable decision. Every transaction a customer has with a company includes an objective the customer is looking to fulfill—whether it is to get a mortgage, pay a bill, order a new service, or simply check a balance. This objective needs to be carried along with the customer across all channels to limit customer effort and increase their affinity for the company’s brand.

ConvergeOne Conversations is a technology-agnostic, end-to-end customer engagement experience that seamlessly connects and integrates siloed voice and digital technologies. It’s the central aggregation point for all customer communications:

  • Taking customers well past omnichannel, to the point where they control the communication channel they want – without having to swap out existing infrastructure to get there

  • Rapidly adding new forms of communication, whether it is a digital/social channel, bot/AI, back-end data integration, or simply a way to move out of voice IVRs into voice bots to personalize and empower customers to engage – their way

What if you could wow every customer, every time they contact you, with every interaction? It’s possible when you shift your focus from customer experience to customer engagement with the help of ConvergeOne Conversations.

Watch our video to learn more about ConvergeOne Conversations.


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Mark Langanki
Mark Langanki  -- As CTO, Mark spearheads ConvergeOne’s innovations in technology solutions and services. He spent 25 years as the Chief Operating Officer at Spanlink Communications, which ConvergeOne acquired in 2014. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Mark has been an instructor there since 1996 and in 2014 assumed the role of Associate Program Director.