Digital Transformation: Avaya Breeze and Beyond

Posted by Andrew Prokop on Feb 7, 2019 10:00:00 AM

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Fourteen ConvergeOne thought leaders presented at Avaya ENGAGE 2019. They'll be sharing highlights from their sessions in a blog series over the next several weeks, so check back for the next installment.

“The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.”
- Arthur C. Clarke

Beyond Telephone Calls

During Avaya ENGAGE, I spoke about digital transformation in the scope of Avaya Breeze and beyond. I knew that at some level, every one of the attendees had heard about Breeze, but I was pretty sure that their exposure was limited to “doing things” to telephone calls. While this is important, it only scratches the surface of what Breeze is capable of. I wanted them to walk away from my session wowed by the possibilities of applications far beyond dial-tone and simple IVR functionality. I wanted them to realize that most of today’s most exciting technologies (like AI and IoT) are not separate from Breeze.

I began my presentation with a recap of what I expected they already knew, but quickly turned my attention to all the cool stuff I just wrote about. Specifically, I introduced them to the 20+ Engagement Designer tasks ConvergeOne created for IoT, ServiceNow, artificial intelligence, cloud database, and Webex Teams.

From there, I opened their eyes to a world of possibilities. I began with a Breeze workflow (or Snap-In, in Avaya speak) that combined IoT and Webex Teams. This workflow demonstrated how an IoT sensor can launch a workflow after a particular condition has been encountered. In my example, a sensor was monitoring the light in the room looking for a value above 2000 lumens. When that condition is detected, a Breeze workflow creates a Webex Teams Room, adds people to the room (e.g., an emergency response team), and then keeps everyone updated with a real-time telemetry feed from the sensor. This allows the team to be made aware of the problem, and then communicate with each other and the sensor itself to fix the problem.

Next, I took things a step further and showed them how Breeze could be used to create AI bots for Webex Teams. In this case, the bot provided access to a trouble ticket system (think ConvergeOne OnGuard). Members of the Webex Teams Space could ask the bot questions about existing tickets, reassign tickets, change the priority of a ticket, and so on. I can honestly say that this blew them away.

I ended my demonstrations with a workflow that could be used by hospitals to stop robocalls to their patients. This simple yet very powerful workflow was created in just a few minutes. Clearly, Breeze truly is a platform for rapid application development.

Mischief Managed

If I had given this presentation a year or so ago, I am pretty sure that it would have fallen on deaf ears. While people might have thought this was cool stuff, they would have said, “But this doesn’t apply to me and my job.”

I don’t hear that anymore. The folks in the telecom department have become aware that business units need more than reliable dial-tone, and it has become part of their job to help deliver digital transformation to the enterprise. In only an hour and a half, I showed them how their Avaya system and Breeze can play a huge part in that. While Breeze on its own is a strong digital transformation platform, ConvergeOne has kicked it up about 100 notches. Only we are adding AI, IoT, ITSM, and Teams integration to Breeze for customers. Only we are providing customers with the tools they need to radically alter how they communicate with customers, employees, IoT sensors, and whatever comes their way.

I honestly can’t wait for the next time I get to show off our Breeze work. Seeing it in action turns you into a true believer in digital transformation



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