Multi-Cloud Survival Guide

Posted by Tony Ocampo on Jul 21, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Performance, Capacity, Scalability, Availability, Security, and Recoverability: These are all pillars of a multi-cloud data center strategy. In the past, applications were dependent on the on-premises data center infrastructure. “What you see is what you get” was pretty much how application developers had to deal with it. Today, the business dictates how an organization deploys data center resources to support an application. For a commercial business, the desire is for the application to generate significantly large amounts of data traffic that translates into revenue. For the public sector, it’s about getting information to and from the community at a rapid pace.

IT‘s role has now become a dynamic and agile component of the business that must adjust to changes at a moment’s notice. Multi-cloud data centers need to be predictive, proactive, and able to reshape their pillars quickly. The infrastructure needs to react in the event of a significant workload spike or a hockey stick effect, and the reverse is true once the traffic settles down, up until the next wave of spikes. If those changes happen quickly, performance and capacity must scale up or out. Systems need to be highly capable of sustaining hardware failures and human errors. 

That’s not all of it. Infrastructure is the custodian to massive amounts of data. This data needs to be highly secured and protected from any malicious intrusions, malware, ransomware, and breaches. All entry points of the data must be impenetrable from all kinds of anomalous injections from bad actors—and if those entry points are compromised, then the organization must be able to recover the data at the shortest recovery time and at the nearest recovery point from when the anomaly happened. 

The demands on an organization to handle, disseminate, and process data are daunting. To survive in the data jungle, one must make sure that those multi-cloud data center pillars are all functioning in unison. If any one of the pillars is not able to hold up the multi-cloud data center, then it can be very detrimental to the survival of the organization. 

Can you survive the business demands put on your data center? Do you have all your pillars on solid footing? The ConvergeOne Digital Infrastructure Group is as predictive, proactive, dynamic, and agile as the pillars we build.

Never go it alone when your survival is on the line. We are here to help.


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Tony Ocampo
Tony Ocampo  -- Tony Ocampo has been a Senior Data Center Solutions Architect with ConvergeOne since 2012. With over 30 years of experience, he specializes in designing and implementing complex, enterprise-level data center solutions. He is the National Cyber Recovery technical lead, which showcases his abilities in data center virtualization, data protection, and availability. Helping organizations achieve data center resiliency is his passion.