Ride the WAVES to Digital Transformation Success

Posted by C1 on Aug 27, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Digital transformation is a never-ending journey that requires organizations to continually update their technology to keep pace with innovation. This lends a sense of urgency to any technology upgrade, which means that organizations will oftentimes partner with solution providers who offer a quick fix and grandiose promises. The problem? The solutions are out-of-the-box rather than tailored to the specific needs of the organization. It’s a fact: Every organization is different and has its own specific requirements, so how could the same solution possibly be optimized to fit every organization’s needs?

It can’t.

So, how can a solution be optimized to fit your organization’s needs?

The truth is that there is no shortcut to success. Therefore, before deciding upon a solution, you should analyze your entire network to determine your specific requirements and the items that are most impactful to your success. You shouldn’t have to do this alone, but many solution providers skip this step because they are looking to make a quick sale. At ConvergeOne, every engagement follows our proven WAVES Methodology. This structured, proprietary methodology ensures your project adheres to a systematic approach, complete with assessment and validation milestones to guarantee a successful project delivery that accounts for all of your objectives.

The WAVES Methodology consists of five critical steps. Let’s break each of them down.


The average IT services provider collects information in a disorganized, ad hoc manner, which leads to an inconsistent experience. With ConvergeOne’s structured workshops, our greatest technology minds conduct a qualitative, structured information gathering process across the overall technology infrastructure to ensure you receive the right recommendations in a clear and concise format.


At ConvergeOne, we leave no stone unturned. Based on our qualitative findings in the workshop, we take an extra step to conduct quantitative assessments that allow us to look beneath the surface of your environment to identify and quantify any hidden items that are impacting your organization.


This is a critical checkpoint that allows us to perform a deep review of the core recommendations and validate that the solution we put forth aligns to both your business and technical requirements.

Enterprise Architecture

By further evaluating the solution across an Enterprise Architecture, we verify critical items like security, connectivity, integration, and infrastructure, which are factored into the end-state solution to ensure it meets and exceeds intended outcomes.

Solution as a Service

At ConvergeOne, we structure many solutions in an as-a-Service model that allows you to purchase your desired solution in a flat, predictable monthly price, inclusive of desired consulting, professional, and managed services. We give you everything you need to reach your intended outcome in a consumption-oriented model that’s easy on your budget and implemented in your environment.

If you’re eager to undergo digital transformation and remain at the cutting-edge of innovation, you must work with the right provider who will help you find the right solution for your needs – because as our experts have pointed out in the past, you are only truly undergoing digital transformation if the technology you implement provides value. ConvergeOne’s WAVES Methodology ensures that every engagement delivers the greatest value and helps you achieve critical business outcomes.


With ConvergeOne’s structured workshops, we take the time to identify the information we need to collect and assess to determine the most impactful items for your organization, make the right recommendations, and share them with you in a clear and concise, business-friendly report. Register today for a workshop to get started on the path to true digital transformation.


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