The Fight Against Ransomware

Posted by ConvergeOne on Aug 16, 2022 10:00:00 AM

When ConvergeOne held a Ransomware Readiness event for public sector customers, it was well-attended, with a large number of representatives from our manufacturer partners and K-12, Higher Education, and City customers. There was nothing in the event to entice the folks to sign up and attend, like say a golf outing, a basketball game in the stadium, or lunch/dinner at a high-end restaurant. It was simply in our offices in Ontario, CA.

It was amazing to see all those people, including new faces, at the three-hour on-site seminar. They all had one common interest and concern about the subject matter: they wanted to know that the battle against ransomware was not just the latest technology fad. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that ransomware is a very real threat to the existence of institutions that serve the community and greater public. When it hits the agencies that have the sole function of safeguarding, educating, and serving our families and neighborhoods, we see that as a threat to our society and our way of life. We have seen firsthand the damage ransomware has done and the effort required to reinstate normalcy.

Once we explained this, we looked at the faces of the participants of the event. No one in there disagreed that we should all have a stake in the fight. Each one was yearning for knowledge on how to battle what could become a full-scale invasion of their IT systems.

As a technical advisor to many customers, ConvergeOne provides information and solutions gathered from manufacturers on the latest weapons for the fight. The data center team at ConvergeOne has been equally supportive in putting together an information campaign. Ransomware Readiness Workshops are being offered and conducted in full force, at no cost to organizations who are passionate about combating this insidious threat to our data.

We are making the call out there: We need to beat ransomware. Let us help you win the fight.


The ConvergeOne Ransomware Readiness Workshop focuses on your organization’s readiness to a ransomware attack. During this workshop, ConvergeOne experts will analyze your environment for the following:

  • User Awareness Training
  • Patching and Asset Management
  • End Point Security
  • Network Security and Segmentation
  • Email and Web Security
  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Testing and Monitoring
  • Incident Response Plans
  • Backup and Restore
  • Disaster Recovery


Topics: Data Center, Cyber Security, Cyber Recovery, Ransomware


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