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About the author

Craig Chumley + Tim Femister

Craig Chumley is the Executive Vice President, Cloud, Managed Services, and Marketing, for ConvergeOne. In this role, he leads a team dedicated to supporting ConvergeOne's customer-first and cloud-first initiatives, with the goal of delivering cloud and managed services solutions that meet the business outcomes customers are seeking. Craig has previously held roles as Region Vice President and Sales Director at ConvergeOne, giving him hands-on experience building and leading a high-performance sales and services organization. Prior to joining ConvergeOne, Craig achieved 150%+ of his objectives five years in a row as an enterprise account executive for AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Avaya and was recognized in the top 1% of sales executives globally. Tim Femister is the senior leader for ConvergeOne’s award-winning Cloud & Digital Infrastructure Group. Tim is fiercely passionate about helping organizations connect, protect and leverage their digital assets in a manner that drives transformational value. He is a keynote speaker and presenter on topics related to digital, cloud and security transformation as well as an active member of the Forbes Technology Council, contributor to and featured in local and national media and entertainment coverage.
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