Building the Next-Generation Contact Center

Posted by ConvergeOne on Aug 6, 2020 10:00:00 AM

ConvergeOne’s customer had what was once considered a best-of-breed contact center solution, but faced challenges leveraging its legacy solution to satisfy the rapidly evolving needs of its business. Over the past decade, the company’s leadership team recognized that although its investments in self-service had paid off well, they’d also created a challenge. The basic transactional calls that once dominated call queues—address changes, balance inquiries, new-service activation—had all but disappeared. The queue was dominated by the complex and varied issues that customers couldn’t solve on their own.

In addition, a bold and dynamic CEO drove a new vision for the company, with an accelerated speed to market. Any new technology would need to support the agility that the business demanded, enabling it to keep up with aggressive new offers and marketing campaigns. In response, the leadership team went to the drawing board and set out to reinvent their service organization from the ground up.

The company developed a vision for a customer-focused, Next-Generation Contact Center model, confident that its unique approach would deliver the business transformation its leadership envisioned. By creating small teams of customer service agents responsible for a market-specific subset of customers, the company placed special emphasis on giving customers the choice of how they wanted to engage while giving agents the tools they needed to resolve issues during a customer’s first contact.

This new model exposed the limitations of the legacy contact center platform. Getting the customer to the right agent in these small teams, while simultaneously minimizing the customer’s time in queue, introduced a great deal of complexity. For this personalized customer care model to succeed, it required more precise routing capabilities, better agent tools, real-time monitoring, and contextual digital channel integration.


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