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Responding to Changes in Customer Experience + Marketing

Posted by Kathy Sobus on May 30, 2019 10:00:00 AM

In part one of this blog series, we explored the reasons why customer experience and the role of the Chief Marketing Officer are evolving. We'll now explore how you can respond to these changes.

Information: it's key to improving both the customer experience and marketing efforts. While the customer seemingly holds the advantage with access to information, companies are hyper-engaged in the process of monitoring, researching, and responding. The ability to leverage data enables marketing to get ahead of opportunities. The vast amount of data available today enables companies to understand and communicate with their customers more precisely and in more ways than ever before.

Marketing professionals today need to have the digital prowess to identify the most effective places to share information, as the digital landscape has changedand continues to changedramatically. Previously, business intelligence consisted of external industry research, but today there are data scientists who study the wealth of internal and external data to uncover efficiencies and growth opportunities.

Sayonara to Silos

A five-star customer experience requires complete organizational synergy. As a result, marketing collaborates more than ever with other departments, such as sales, contact centers, and finance. Marketers must also help companies serve a more diverse and global customer base. With more countries, customer segments, media, and distribution channels to consider, today’s CMO needs to coordinate with corporate affairs, investor relations, and public relations in order to appropriately manage complex global customer issues. In addition, it is critical to respect and understand cultural and regulatory nuances.

Today, marketing is less about a product, and more about an experience. Cross-functional groups—notably sales, IT, finance, and human resources—must coordinate seamlessly.

A Top-Down Approach

As customer experience and business strategy inform and shape each other like never before, senior management has naturally become more involved with corporate marketing efforts. A top-down approach from the C-suite gets a company rallied around a customer-driven focus. Marketing plans must now be aligned with business priorities and have a financial outcome tied to them. A significant factor in the transformation of the CMO, in addition to the Internet and technological advancements, is the more active role that CEOs and senior management take in marketing today.

We've explored the reasons why CX and marketing are evolving, and how your business can respond to this evolution. Check back for the final part of this blog seriesor download the full white paper belowto dive into the future of CX and marketing.

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