Capturing the Right Data to Improve CX

Posted by Domenick Wissel on Jul 26, 2018 3:21:33 PM

In order to ensure you are delivering an excellent customer experience, you need to capture data and insights that illuminate how customers perceive your services — and, even more importantly, you must ensure you’re capturing the right data.

Community Care Behavioral Health Organization (Community Care), a non-profit behavioral health managed care organization headquartered in Pittsburgh, struggled to capture the right data. While the customer service team members were committed to providing the best service possible, they lacked the tools needed to effectively gauge their performance. Their feedback was limited to an annual written survey that contained only a few questions focused on customer service. Further complicating matters, respondents would often focus on their interactions with the company as a whole rather than their experience with customer service representatives in the call center. Community Care's customer service department needed to find an alternative that would provide them with the right data.

ConvergeOne + INI Partner to Solve Community Care’s Problems

ConvergeOne partnered with Interactive Northwest, Inc. (INI) to deploy a post-call survey application that allowed Community Care to determine the quality of their service calls, as well as immediately identify and resolve any issues that arise during the calls. Not only did the solution provide Community Care with the right data, but it also unlocked secondary benefits that they had not foreseen.


Community Care Customer Success Story - Read Now

Check out the full success story to discover the unexpected benefits that Community Care received from implementing the post-call survey application  and learn more about the transformational impact the solution has had on Community Care's customer experience.

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