Customer Experience + The CMO Role: Back to the Future

Posted by Kathy Sobus on Jun 27, 2019 10:00:00 AM

In part one and part two of this blog series, we explored the reasons why customer experience and the role of the Chief Marketing Officer are evolving, and how you can respond to those changes. We'll now into the future of CX and marketing.

Marketing continues to be about brand and demand generation; however, data and changes in the way customers interact with companies have provoked a complete transformation of the function. Customers used to speak with salespeople or the contact center about product details and offerings, but all of this information is now available online. Customers are more resourceful and self-reliant than ever before. They are educated and oftentimes are simply seeking validation of their choices.

Additionally, consumers like transacting with companies the way they want to. In other words, they may want to text or chat or work with an automated system, preferring not to “speak” with a human. They may also prefer using email for paper trail reasons, or a voice call as a last resort or because they know they are doing something out of the norm. Chances are, they want companies to know who they are, and why they are reaching out. They want a personalized experience.

This information translates into marketing systems to create a holistic experience for the consumer. The classic focus group approach to collecting data has been augmented by Net Promoter Scores, customer effort scores, and advanced analytics. The CMO sits front and center of this shift.

Today, CMOs are growth-orientated and analysis-led. Thus, an aptitude in technology and analytics is a priority. CMOs must also be fluent in a myriad of channels, including social media, self-service, mobile apps, content writing, management distribution, analytics, CRM, processes, and overall business strategy.

As they assume the pivotal role of “voice of the customer,” today’s CMOs are truly agents of change. No longer is this the “digital economy”; it is the “experience economy.” An evolution is under way as companies move into the modern marketing era, leveraging massive amounts of data, personalizing experiences, and transforming marketing silos into more strategic organizations.

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