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How to be a Customer-Centric Organization

Posted by ConvergeOne on Oct 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM

In a previous post, we shared that organizations today need to live and breathe customer-centric values, where Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and IT collaborate to give customers the best, most seamless experience. Today’s customers have endless options, which means they will not hesitate to move on to a competitor after suffering through a bad experience with a company. Creating a seamless and exceptional experience is the only way to build truly loyal customers who can grow into brand advocates.

Being customer-centric and knowing how to deliver what customers want, when they want it is key to success. How can this be accomplished?

The easy thing to do is group similar characteristics and provide overall processes, but will that help you deliver the experience each customer wants? Each customer’s experience with a company is unique, and it should be treated as such. Above all else, customers want to feel special and valued. They recognize that companies have a lot of information about them, their needs, their expectations, and even their prospective behaviors. Therefore, companies need to know why customers are contacting them and how they want to be treated, and then deploy the appropriate technologies to deliver their desired experience.

How can this be accomplished when a company operates in silos? In the same way that Marketing and Sales are most effective at driving new business when they join forces, they are most effective at improving the customer experience when they work together. Customer experience is a Sales issue, an IT issue, a Marketing issue, and a Contact Center issue. Successful companies make a customer-centric approach part of the overall culture across departments and functions.

Breaking down silos also means that employees—not just technology functions—are key to a successful customer journey. Entrusting your staff to embrace and carry out the mission, strategy, and values of your company will help you retain happy, cooperative, long-serving teams that will better serve customers.

Organizations can pivot to a customer-centric approach by developing and owning the customer journey—from curiosity to serviceability—as a strategic capability.


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