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Planning, Building and Maintaining a Resilient Infrastructure

Planning, building and maintaining a resilient infrastructure is a complex and demanding task. For some companies, particularly those with limited resources, it might be necessary—and wise—to bring in an experienced partner for help.

A majority of organizations (81%) expect to leverage partnering with vendors and service providers over the next two years to manage application and infrastructure performance and security, according to a 2021 IDC global survey of 254 senior-level IT decision-makers. Strategic vendor relationships are rising in priority, the firm noted.

One of the reasons why organizations should look to a strategic partner is that it allows internal staff to focus on strategic activities, leaving experts at the solution provider to handle efforts to enhance infrastructure resiliency. Another reason is that broad, cross-functional capabilities from a qualified solution provider can ensure success across the technology and business stack.

Few companies have the necessary talent and experience to make the changes required to bring about significant enhancement in infrastructure.

ConvergeOne can help organizations accelerate their success across the five key attributes, leading to digital infrastructure resiliency, and to
simplify and unify the management and security of on-premises and cloud infrastructure to improve business resiliency.

ConvergeOne, in partnership with IDC, has built an easy-to-use digital self-assessment tool that can help organizations better understand, prioritize and improve their cloud and digital infrastructure resiliency.

The tool surveys respondents over a variety of areas, including business priorities; challenges with infrastructure resiliency; regulatory and industry compliance requirements; how organizations deploy their compute, storage, AI and other workloads; utilization of cloud-native technologies; and organizations’ approach to intelligent automation.

Examining these and other areas paints a detailed picture of an organization’s digital infrastructure resiliency readiness.

Determine your resiliency: Take the IDC Digital Readiness Assessment

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