The Versatility of Video: 4 Unexpected Ways Video Helps Your Business

Posted by Luis Berlanga on Feb 5, 2019 10:00:00 AM

In recent years, consumers have increased their engagement with video. HubSpot found that the average user watches 1.5 hours of video content a day, with 15% of users watches more than 3 hours of video daily. Even more staggering, Cisco predicts that by 2021, video will account for 82% of total consumer Internet traffic. The bottom line is that your customers, prospects, and employees are spending a great deal of time interacting with video. This presents you with an opportunity to meet them where they’re already at and delight them with a multitude of video experiences.

Video has the potential to become a prominent tool for your business. Below are four ways you can use video to bolster your business – and they may not be what you’d expect.

1. Think Beyond the Traditional Video Conference

While video conferencing serves a clear business purpose, the role that video can play within your organization is more versatile than you may think. Businesses have only scratched the surface of video's benefits, and as video becomes integrated with other innovative technologies, new uses will undoubtedly emerge. Video publishing, training, live streaming, and help desks: these are only a few of the ways that video can be incorporated into the enterprise.

2. Deliver a Personalized Experience

Personalized video interactions improve the customer experience, according to Forrester. More personalized experiences help customers gain greater trust in your business by shining a light on its human component. Forrester found that businesses that used personalized video recognized benefits like improved payment behavior, an increase in Net Promoter Score, and an uptick in renewal rates.

3. Enhance Internal Communications

Companies do not only benefit from using video conferencing to enable more personalized external communications. When you implement video within your organization, you are able to address your entire workforce live without the hassle of gathering everyone into the same room—an arduous task, even for companies of a modest size. In times of crisis, video is an invaluable tool that allows collaboration to flourish via face-to-face meetings that include participants who are dispersed across the globe. A live video address makes an even greater impact when you integrate mobile and social components into it, as well.

4. Find Uses for Each Department

Another key strength of video is that it offers a variety of benefits for departments across your organization. Marketing can utilize video to build more personalized connections with prospects.  According to HubSpot, 97% of marketers credit video for driving greater understanding of their organization’s product or service, and 76% say video helps to increase sales. Video also benefits your customer service department by personalizing the customer experience and supplementing self-service options. HR greatly benefits from using video; not only does video save money, but it also allows HR to draw applicants from a global talent pool, lock the top talent down quickly, and train them more efficiently. Finally, video can help IT drive change, innovation, and growth within an organization.

Ready to enjoy the diverse benefits of video?

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