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 Let's build your smarter path to the cloud


For many organizations, building a robust cloud strategy that makes sense for their needs can be challenging. That’s why ConvergeOne created UCaaS and CCaaS On-Site Cloud Advisory Workshops aimed at assessing the current state, the desired future state, requirements, and recommendations around various cloud designs and deployment models.

During working sessions, ConvergeOne experts will work on-site to help customers craft a strategy and roadmap for leveraging UCaaS/CCaaS technologies, taking the following assessment and planning steps:

  • Identifying the current state of the systems and applications to be supported by XaaS solutions
  • Educating stakeholders on the various technologies and services, choices, features, and management strategies
  • Identifying high-level elements of a desired future state of systems and applications powered or supported by XaaS
  • Reviewing any existing documented and potential future requirements for a successful rollout of applications powered by cloud technologies


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