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1. Score Every Interaction: Using AI For Quality + Behavior Analytics – Is a solution which allows you to score every interaction AND provide real-time sentiment analysis right for you? ConvergeOne and NICE Nexidia can help. Register for a FREE Proof Of Concept today! 

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2. Prove the Real-Time Fraud Prevention Technology at Your Own EnvironmentFraud affects every business, including your own—and that means it also affects your customers. It is critical to use Real-Time Fraud Prevention to safeguard your business and your customers.

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3. Reduce handle time through authentication
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4. Automation and Advanced ApplicationsHow do you know if a Virtual Assistant/BOT can help enable your agents and streamline your business? Sign up to realize how this can benefit your company. 

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5. Automation and Personalization in the EnterpriseAre you ready to think about how to automate some of your processes for your customers? Are you considering how you would personalize their experience? Are you concerned with pulling together a team within your organization to start thinking about automation and personalization? 

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6. Streamlining + Optimizing Customer Care AssessmentHow do you know if your IVR is running optimally or if you’re taking advantage of all of the features available to you today?

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7. Stay on top of Compliance Live Demo – Are you struggling with the myriad of regulations plaguing contact center?  Let us show you through a live demo how the Policy Manager allows you to stay on top of compliance.

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8. Discover Back-Office EssentialsSee first hand with a demo, proof of concept, or an ROI assessment, how the powerful solution suite can help you measure your Back-Office more effectively resulting in greater productivity.

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