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At ConvergeOne, we’re delivering on our mission to provide an excellent customer experience with our WAVES Methodology. This structured, proprietary methodology ensures your project adheres to a systematic approach, complete with assessment and validation milestones to guarantee a successful project delivery that accounts for all of your objectives. Each and every time you work with ConvergeOne, you will receive a seamless, end-to-end IT experience.

Before prescribing a solution, you should analyze your entire network. At ConvergeOne, we invest in our customers by engaging in deep analysis before prescription. It’s foundational to our entire organization. It sounds obvious: analyze first, prescribe second, but many IT service providers fail to follow this approach because they are looking for a shortcut to success, or are selling an in-the-box solution. Our market-leading, proprietary, and proven WAVES Methodology takes a systematic approach to every engagement and comes complete with everything you need behind the scenes to be successful.




The Value of WAVES

With our WAVES Methodology, you can evaluate your investments holistically and prioritize accordingly – all while receiving critical insights that will allow you to make better business decisions.

  • Evaluate investments across a complete picture of the current environment

  • Identify potential gaps, risks, or concerns based on real data and best practices

  • Focus improvements based on criticality rather than an A-Z upgrade path

  • Deliver valuable insights to key business stakeholders


Discover how ConvergeOne enables better, end-to-end solutions with faster time to achieve desired organizational outcomes.





The average IT services provider collects information in a disorganized, ad hoc manner, so the experience is different each time. With ConvergeOne’s structured workshops, our greatest technology minds have identified the information we need to collect and assess to determine the most impactful items for your organization, make the right recommendations, and share them with you in a clear and concise, business-friendly report.


Based on our qualitative findings in the workshop, we will identify and recommend quantitative assessments that further illuminate our recommendations. This extra step allows us to look beneath the surface of your environment to identify and quantify any hidden items that are impacting your organization.


During this critical checkpoint, we will validate that the solution we put forth aligns to both your business and technical requirements. In fact, we have a dedicated validation center where we can showcase leading technologies from multiple providers in a single, integrated setting. This process enables you to visualize and experience the future state of your environment prior to making an investment.

Enterprise Architecture

By further evaluating the solution across an Enterprise Architecture, we verify critical items like security, connectivity, integration, and infrastructure, which are factored into the end-state solution to ensure it meets and exceeds intended outcomes.

Solution as a Service

At ConvergeOne, we structure many solutions in an as-a-Service model that allows you to purchase your desired solution in a flat, predictable monthly price, inclusive of desired consulting, professional, and managed services. We give you everything you need to reach your intended outcome in a consumption-oriented model that’s easy on your budget and implemented in your environment.

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