Successful engagement begins with clear communication. Across your entire organization, you need active participation, prevalent collaboration, and quality experiences. All of these are part of what the new Aura 7 can provide. And with ConvergeOne as your dedicated supplier, the Era of Engagement is ready to begin.

Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services is able to extend the value of the Avaya Aura Platform by providing application programing interfaces (APIs) that make full use of the powerful call processing, media, and administrative features available in Avaya Aura Communication Manager. This makes full functionality customization capabilities available to corporate application developers, third party independent software vendors (ISVs), and authorized business partners and systems integrators.

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The Freedom to Create

Once ConvergeOne has upgraded your enterprise to Aura 7 with Application Enablement Services, software developers can begin writing client applications in the programming language or protocol of their choice. Then customers and DevConnect partners can integrate with the Avaya Aura infrastructure with hundreds of communications and business applications.

Server-based Solution

New Aura 7 enables IBM Lotus Sametime or Microsoft Communicator to make the most out of the capabilities of Avaya Aura Communication Manager software. This way end users, after integrating the Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services platform in the customer’s enterprise network, can access the set of “click to communicate” features provided by Avaya with seamless integration into their chosen desktop environment.

Greater Integration

With Aura 7 you can now integrate Avaya Aura Communications Manager with Avaya’s Contact Center products – which includes Avaya Aura Contact Center, Avaya Interaction Center, Avaya Proactive Contact, Avaya Voice Portal, and Avaya Contact Center Express – to deliver the best Contact Center solutions. Using Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services, software developers can also now develop their own complementary Contact Center applications, adding greater value.

Key Benefits

  • Improve worker efficiency and productivity
  • More efficiently develop and integrate applications
  • Lower the total cost of ownership
  • Increase uptime for critical applications
  • Create your own applications


Key Features

  • Redundancy – stay protected in the event of a failure
  • Integration with IBM Sametime – enjoy full functionality
  • Integration with IBM Websphere CEA – quickly and easily modify applications
  • Third-party call control – adjunct control
  • TSAPI/JTAPI service – control endpoints
  • Device and media control/fundamental third-party call control exposes powerful feature set
  • Web Services – familiar implementation of new and innovative features
  • Telephony web services incorporated into current web applications
  • System management service enables a wide range of applications

As Avaya’s #1 partner in enterprise communications, no one is better equipped or more experienced at integrating their product into your existing infrastructure. If anyone can usher your enterprise into Avaya’s Era of Engagement, it’s the professionals from ConvergeOne.

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