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The Era of Engagement is here with Avaya’s Aura 7. Communication capabilities are taken to the next level with quality collaboration between coworkers, customers, and suppliers, providing the fuel you need to move your enterprise forward.

But to participate in a conversation, you need to know where the other party is to begin with – which is where Avaya Aura®Presence Services comes into play. As a key enabler of pervasive collaboration, Presence Services provides a scalable, high-performance presence aggregation service that collects and disseminates rich presence information across the Avaya Aura Platform. With this information, users are able to locate colleagues and experts to address customer inquiries, handle a service issue, or solve a critical problem in real time.

As a ten-time Business Partner of the Year with Avaya, ConvergeOne knows what needs to be done to not only provide you all the benefits that come with an Aura 7 upgrade, but also make us a business partner you can trust and rely on.

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Key Benefits

  • Increased productivity with employees reaching the people they need when they need them
  • Improved customer care by making experts readily available
  • Easier collaboration between employees
  • Quicker resolution with one-and-done communication
  • Improved process cycle time
  • Enhanced flexibility, privacy, and security
  • Enhanced multi-protocol support
  • Flexible access to information which can be displayed on a variety of endpoints

Key Features

  • Robust, aggregated presence information providing a comprehensive view of user and device availability
  • Multi-protocol/multi-interface support for both SIMPLE and XMPP
  • High scalability up to 250,000 SIP and H.323 users with a dual cluster of 8 nodes
  • User control with support for the do not disturb allows user to enable DND as required
  • High availability in both clustered and standalone setups
  • Presence services federation between instances on separate Avaya Aura® systems
  • Integration to Microsoft Desktop Applications with presence provided by Avaya clients and desk phones
  • IBM® Domino® Calendar integration with the IBM Domino enterprise deployment
  • Support for presence services cluster deployment on VMware for up to eight presence services nodes

After years of being Avaya’s #1 partner in enterprise communications and having the largest number of Avaya certified specialists outside of Avaya itself, ConvergeOne is the one partner to turn to when it comes to entering the Era of Engagement with Aura 7.

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