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The next level of communication is here with Aura 7, and the Era of Engagement has begun. But the next level of collaboration requires a next level platform to run on. That’s why Avaya Aura® System Manager provides extensive voice and video properties, as well as a durable but flexible distributed network for analog, digital, and IP-based communication devices.

But even the best system needs the best installation to be sure it is running at peak performance. At ConvergeOne, we pride ourselves on the extensive number of industry certifications and state-of-the-art service delivery devices that help make us so skilled in sales, design, network integration, project management, and ongoing support. In other words, we have everything a business needs to possess an end-to-end communications solution.

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An Integrated Solution

Using customer data and programming across the Avaya Aura Platform, Avaya’s Aura 7 helps companies implement and maintain the best results for their communication and business collaboration solutions.

Its management and administration capabilities are simple, intuitive, and consistent, and they provide a single easy-to-use management and programming interface. User data can be entered once across numerous applications, and management and administration capabilities are woven seamlessly into the enterprise IT infrastructure. This includes identity management, security, and enterprise directory.

  • Single point of management with workflow-based management
  • Reduced complexity for distributed multi-site networks with multiple control points
  • Data consistency to help reduce configuration errors
  • Faster deployment with standards-based interfaces
  • Lower total cost of ownership through automation
  • Less training thanks to intuitive, easy-to-use tools
  • More value through tight integration with the enterprise IT infrastructure

Key Features

  • Software management – centrally orchestrate and maintain software and firmware updates
  • Tenant management – partition users, administrators and resources on a single instance of the Avaya Aura Platform
  • Flexible web services interface for user management and routing and dial plan management
  • Configuration Reporting – reports can be generated and stored for future requirements
  • Common user provisioning from a single interface
  • Enterprise lightweight directory access protocol synchronization for a single source of user management
  • Bulk import/export via Extensible Markup Language
  • Role-based access control
  • Single sign on to launch applications without the need to re-authenticate to each one
  • Trust management applications can communicate securely among themselves
  • Logging and alarming done centrally
  • Discovery and inventory displays version, device configuration, and more
  • Central licensing provides central viewing and management
  • Network routing using the enterprise’s IP network
  • Endpoint management such as set type and button functions
  • Central management for multiple Communication Managers
  • Endpoint central management for operational and troubleshooting functions
  • Geographic redundancy from two geographically distant System Manager sites

System Manager is an integrated Avaya Aura platform solution that helps enterprises implement and maintain the best results for their communication solutions. And as a key provider of Avaya solutions, ConvergeOne has a nationwide team of Avaya specialists skilled in implementation, installation and integration.

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