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Businesses focused on the customer experience must streamline processes and communications in direct response to new realities that emerge under the pressures of the pandemic. 

There are several common problem areas when it comes to managing inbound customer experiences:  

  • Improving customer experiences and brand consistency requires many layers of interactions. Customers want to reach businesses by a variety of methods.  
  • Customer experiences must consider where the customers are based on their journey. 
  • Customer experience platforms require agility because customers’ tastes change quickly and constantly 
  • There is a need to test and experiment prior to fully introducing new experiences.  

The old way of serving customers using a “service desk” faces new challenges to scale, innovate, and adequately connect with their customers. In addition, it causes many businesses to attempt to balance cost-effectiveness and responsiveness. 

The solution to many of these challenges is an intelligent and automated composable solutions approach. 

ConvergeOne and Avaya can work with you to compose superior customer experiences that give your customers more options, fast responses, and a personalized approach. 

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  • Workflow management: Avaya Engagement Designer enables analysts to define workflows that exploit the capabilities of the Avaya Breeze Platform to more effectively execute business processes.
  • Biometrics: Adopt next-generation biometric identification that improves agent efficiency while delivering more personalized, outcome-based service. Use voice and facial recognition technology to deliver accurate customer authentication in a matter of seconds.
  • Conversational intelligence: Elevate traditional IVR to conversational speech applications that drive more personalized, profitable outcomes; apply machine learning around voice conversations to improve quality of service; and leverage self-service automation to provide customers with fast and efficient self-service across the channels they prefer with the option to seamlessly escalate to an agent if needed.
  • Smart Routing: Identify subtle, valuable patterns within historical interactions to more meaningfully pair agents and customers based on next-level variables like shared values, personality and specific area(s) of expertise.
  • Avaya Mobile Experience: Avaya Mobile Experience is a consumption-based, toll-free service that helps redirect routine calls to digital self-service so that mobile callers can quickly resolve routine issues. The solution reduces call queues, freeing up skilled agents to solve more complex issues that require human touch, and has been shown to reduce annual spend on 800 services by up to 40%.

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