From Cost Center to Critical Strategic Asset

You can’t discuss digital transformation or customer experience without the contact center. Innovations like self-service automation, seamless omni-channel, customer journey analysis and predictive analytics have irrevocably changed this area of business, enabling brands to improve costs and profits while delivering more intelligent experiences that matter.

As the first and often only point of interaction customers have with a brand, companies have no choice but to adapt their contact center(s) to capitalize on bigger and better opportunities. The Avaya portfolio represents the first of its kind, carefully designed to improve key measures of satisfaction and operational performance with voice and digital engagement for customers, desktop augmentation for employees, and advanced workforce engagement for managers.

Organizations can effectively tailor customer interactions, better handle complex calls, increase first contact resolution and average revenue per contact, better predict customer needs, meet a greater number of quality SLAs, and of course, create more meaningful human connections.




Though customer care has evolved from voice-only call centers, voice and voice-based apps are undeniably important to the future of customer experience. Using the voice capabilities of Avaya IX Contact Center, companies can enable such things as self-service automation to provide customers with fast and efficient self-service across the channels they prefer. Or, natural language processing to elevate traditional IVR to conversational speech applications that drive more personalized, profitable outcomes.



Avaya IX Contact Center helps brands bridge the gap between next-gen digital channels and a frictionless contact center experience. A consolidated desktop view of customer information and streamlined management of digital channels and devices enables agents to seamlessly follow customers as they change channels without loss of context. Customer journey analysis also elevates omni-channel for organizations to deliver deeper, more meaningful and personalized engagement.



The open foundation of Avaya IX Contact Center enables organizations to address today’s most important aspects of the agent experience. For example, integrating various systems (CRM, dashboard, knowledge base) to minimize the need for agents to navigate multiple screens of information to get an answer or make a change (according to Gartner, agent screen jumping costs a typical contact center $1.57 million a year in lost productivity).



Today’s modern workforce is drastically different than when the contact center first started. Agents want greater flexibility, more personalized training, and deeper engagement using the same kind of tools in the workplace as they do at home. Avaya IX Contact Center offers a 360-degree workforce engagement strategy built on consumer-grade tools, automated coaching, voice analytics and more to proactively address areas of limitation, confusion or frustration and keep employees as engaged and satisfied as possible. 

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

The future of the customer experience center is already here. It means that experiences—both customer and employee—matter more than anything else. When you have engaged, empowered employees in your contact center, it has a direct and positive impact on the customer experience.

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS delivers on this future by shaping memorable multiexperiences for customers and the employees who serve them. It connects everything—voice, video, chat, messaging, and more—to meet the needs of customers who want it all, and it brings together employees, resources, and insights to maximize performance.

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS:

  • Deliver memorable, effortless multiexperiences for customers and the employees serving them
  • Connect customers, employees, insights, and knowledge across all touchpoints
  • Move with the agility you need to stay ahead of the customer


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Building a Multiexperience Contact Center

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