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Change has never come about so fast in the workplace, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Avaya UC represents the first of its kind, prioritizing choice and integration across the entire Avaya UC portfolio of solutions (Unified Communications, collaboration, next-gen tech) to deliver employee experiences that matter. The solution portfolio is carefully designed to improve key measures of engagement and productivity with powerful capabilities including calling, collaboration and meetings as well as a range of flexible, connected phones and devices.

This integrated portfolio enables employees to more intelligently act on data to create insight-driven improvements, connect enterprise-wide to support the digital customer journey, and feel more immersed and fulfilled in their roles not just as workers but innovators. For employers, this translates into improved costs, higher revenue and better operational performance.

The Digital Workplace Powered by Employees



With so many channels of communication in the workplace, calling remains one of today’s most frequently performed tasks among employees (especially for mobile workers). Avaya UC simplifies and enhances calling by making the channel part of one easily accessible collaboration hub with unparalleled audio quality and security.



Converge audio, video, Web collaboration, webcasting and more to one single, easy-to-use platform. Simplify meetings and enable management with one feed for all activity to track performance, reduce admin time (one set of log-in credentials), streamline user training, and save costs. Maximize existing resources while transitioning to more flexible, desktop-based systems with freedom of cloud deployment. Meet any organizational need with one-click meeting access for up to 250,000 users.



Empower employees with a virtual war room that intelligently brings people and content together across the entire organization. Enable teams to seamlessly communicate, manage tasks, share files and meet on-demand anywhere, anytime using any device. Embed real-time communications directly into workflows and applications to save time, improve team efficiency, and drive better overall outcomes.



From conference phones to huddle rooms to video systems, Avaya offers a range of flexible, high-quality phones and devices that maximize the impact of every conversation, in-office or on-the-go. All Avaya phones and devices are customizable with extensive interoperability to work with existing systems for full video, audio and content-sharing capabilities. Lower costs and optimize efficiency with customized collaboration that drives more meaningful human connections.

Avaya OneCloud UCaaS

Take Communications and Collaboration with You Across Apps, Browsers and Devices

The Era of Digital Transformation has begun to radically redefine business communications. Voice is no longer the only way—or even the preferred way—to stay in touch with customers and colleagues. Instead, video, content sharing, and instant messaging are now fundamental. Just as importantly, employees now expect more than just desktop communications. They want a seamless communications experience that fits into how they work instead of changing how they work—helping them stay in touch on their device of choice as they move throughout their day.

With Avaya Workplace, ConvergeOne and Avaya embed communications directly into the applications, browsers, and devices your employees use every day to create a single, powerful gateway for calling, messaging, meetings, and team collaboration. We free people from their desktop and give them a more natural and efficient way to connect, communicate, and share—when, where, and how they want.

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