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ConvergeOne is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner. Our mission is to help our customers on their cloud adoption and business transformation journey, including cloud strategy, assessment, migration, application rationalization and modernization.

ConvergeOne has it all, and with our unique WAVES Methodology, we can assess our customers’ business and technical needs and recommend the right solutions to accelerate their journey to the cloud, achieve desired business outcomes and reach new, emerging global markets.

AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner


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Our Credentials

We utilize our deep consulting expertise in leading transformation and digital enablement projects, and the benefits of our AWS partnership accreditation to help our clients grow and succeed. 


AWS Security

Secure your entire cloud environment while focusing on the AWS Security pillar and using the Zero Trust framework.


ConvergeOne follows AWS Security Best Practices to provide enterprise-class cloud deployments. ConvergeOne also works with AWS GovCloud, which is an isolated AWS region designed to provide the U.S. government and customers the ability to store sensitive data in the cloud by addressing compliance and regulatory requirements.


Our Disaster Recovery service lets you replicate your on-premises workloads to the cloud in the case of a disaster.

Organizations' applications need to be made available 24/7, as users and businesses are dependent on the applications. Let ConvergeOne help with moving your organization's Disaster Recovery to the cloud using block-level replication. Our solution lets your organization stage and test recovery anytime in the cloud, with low RTO/RPO.

AWS Networking

We provide the broadest and deepest set of networking services, with high reliability and security features.

AWS Networking services can provide a secure, scalable enterprise network. With security at our core, ConvergeOne can provide the networking capabilities to build your infrastructure with Application Networking, Edge Networking, Network Security, and Hybrid Connectivity.

AWS Cost Management

Manage your AWS costs with granular insights into your resource utilization and cost spend.

Let ConvergeOne bring visibility to your cloud financial management. We can help with tracking costs and usage. Let’s keep spending in check on a regular basis so that your organization can stick to its budget. ConvergeOne can also provide best practices from the cost optimization pillar.

AWS Data + Analytics

Stream, store, and process large amounts of your data, while gaining insights with analytics dashboards.

The volume of IT and velocity of our data continues to grow exponentially. We are now storing and analyzing data in different classes beyond ERP and CRM systems, and now our data includes more social data, Web Analytics data, IoT data from devices, and machine-generated log data.


Our data is typically growing at 10x every 5 years. If you look at the data platforms that you use to analyze this data today, they've often been around for the last 15+ years. This means that when you think about building a data platform, you should plan for the next 15 years—and you have to plan for a data volume of 1000x of what your needs are today. ConvergeOne can help bring insights into your data with Analytics and Data Lakes.

AWS End-User Computing

Securely stream your organization's applications or create virtual desktops for departments and users.

Today's workforce is increasingly mobile. They're working remotely, on the go, and moving from one project to the next—and they're collaborating across borders, time zones, and organizations.


We built AWS End User Computing (EUC) services to give you the agility to respond to the changing needs of your workforce. You can scale up or scale down on-demand, providing your users with the resources they need without deploying and operating infrastructure.


ConvergeOne can help with streaming applications and virtual desktops within AWS, along with shared document collaboration.

AWS Databases

With 15+ database choices within AWS, you can save time/costs and improve performance.


Whether your organization is looking to migrate to a managed database service (PaaS) or a single standalone instance, ConvergeOne has the knowledge and experience in migrating databases to optimize performance on any scale.

AWS Migration

Migrate to the cloud with ConvergeOne’s proven 5-step process.

With careful strategic planning—starting with infrastructure workload assessments all the way through migration and validation—ConvergeOne will ease the migration to the cloud and its unparalleled advantages. We can give insights into the workload costs before migration, so you know about your monthly reoccurring costs for the cloud upfront.


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