Great Customer Experience Every Time

Create deeply connected, meaningful experiences for your customers. With Genesys Cloud, you get an all-in-one contact center solution. You get continuous innovation and integration with your other systems. Satisfied customers, empowered agents, and better business outcomes are all available through Genesys Cloud CX.

Scalable Cloud-Native Architecture

Genesys Cloud CX seamlessly integrates voice and digital channels, leading to great customer experiences and better business outcomes.The cloud-native design combines flexibility, security, and efficiency at scale. Microservices, API-first development, open data, and artificial intelligence (AI) ensure rapid innovation, agility, and resilience. You can rely on Genesys Cloud CX to deliver continuous innovation in customer and employee experience.


Built on Microservices

Simple, stateless, and secure components called microservices provide specialized functionality grouped into major Genesys Cloud CX services such as base, carrier, application, AI and analytics services. This speeds deployment, expansion, and access to innovation.


API-First Design

Major Genesys Cloud CX services provide reusable functions that can easily grow in function and scale. This API-first approach helps developers build new functionality faster and easier. As an API-first native cloud, the Genesys Cloud CX platform handles billions of API requests weekly.


Artificial Intelligence

Integrate real-time and historical data, predict outcomes, and trigger intelligent conversations to save costs and deliver better business outcomes. Use Genesys Cloud CX native and third-party AI technologies to unify, orchestrate, and optimize customer and employee experiences.


On-Demand Scaling

Genesys Cloud CX distributes load and monitors groups according to service-specific policies. Groups add or remove resources as needed when a threshold is exceeded. Many instantly respond to changes in load without the need to manage servers by leveraging serverless technologies.



Add Genesys Cloud CX interaction controls directly into your Salesforce and Zendesk interface. Embed Genesys Cloud CX within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 interface. Find CRM integrations, unified communications solutions, analytics tools, gamification apps and more in the AppFoundry.


1 Toolset, 1 Interface

Give developers a single set of contact center APIs, SDKs and developer tools. Get a single do-it-all interface for developers, administrators, operations experts, supervisors and agents. This single web-based interface makes it easy for teams to work.


Easy, All-in-One Cloud Contact Center Solution

Customer Self-Service

Speech-enabled IVR, voicebots and chatbots give customers 24/7 access and seamless transition to agents as needed. Manage, unify and orchestrate across calls, webchat, mobile messaging and more.

Digital Channels and
Voice Services

Chat, email and messaging apps enable fast interactions. Context and interaction are preserved, and co-browse and screen share let agents see what customers see. Bring Your Own Carrier or use Genesys Cloud voice. Purchase, provision and manage voice services easily.

Inbound Routing

Inbound voice routing to meet SLAs. Voicemail with email notifications, and callbacks for convenience to callers, lower on hold time, and increased customer satisfaction.

Outbound Campaigns

Outbound dialer with built-in campaign management, inbound/outbound call management for blended agents, and proactive notifications via voice or messaging for timely, personalized, compliant, and efficient notices.

Workforce Engagement

Employee performance, resource, and quality management for better engagement and service levels. Increases speed to competeny, leverages AI, and supports high quality interactions.

Reporting + Analytics

Standard and customized reports on KPIs with visualization, dashboards, and real-time and historical views.

Integrations + Apps

AppFoundry Marketplace solutions, Pre-built applications for CRM and AI solutions. Integration with robust API tools.

Workforce Engagement

Anywhere access for remote agents and globally distributed teams. Seamless connection throughout business, enabling faster response time and better business outcomes.


Experience Matters

As a long-time Genesys strategic partner, ConvergeOne has the experience to build and evolve the solutions you need. We are a full-service provider focused on supporting you throughout the project lifecycle—from consultation and design, to implementation, optimization, and ongoing management. As your needs change, we support you with an expert team of highly trained and certified professionals.

ConvergeOne has spent decades building upon our technology offerings for customer experience, cybersecurity, data center, enterprise networking, and unified communications. Our comprehensive portfolio is one of the broadest and deepest solution offerings in the industry and provides unique insights into how to create, deliver and secure great customer experiences and business outcomes.







Experience as a Service

Genesys Cloud makes it possible to deliver the experience each customer wants, every time. This focus on deeply personalized interactions creates a relationship that translates into loyalty. A truly empathetic customer experience, supported by technology and connection, can yield revenue multipliers associated with loyalty leaders.

“Loyalty leaders grow revenue 2.5 times as fast as industry peers."

Harvard Business Review
January 2020


Seamless Communications from Genesys + Zoom

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 3.47.06 PM

Integrate the Genesys Cloud™ solution with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone to make customer support collaboration seamless. Find the expert you want. Know they’re available. Connect with a single click.

The AI-Powered
Contact Center

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our world. From life-saving medical services to interpersonal connectivity, the many benefits of applied AI are just beginning to be realized.