Multi-Cloud Customer Experience

Create deeply connected, meaningful experiences for your customers. With Genesys Cloud, you get an all-in-one contact center solution. You get continuous innovation and integration with your other systems. Satisfied customers, empowered agents, and better business outcomes are all available through Genesys Multicloud CX.

  • Larger scale digital transformation initiatives
  • Enterprise contact centers
  • Complex needs
  • Flexible deployment options


Easy, All-in-One Cloud Contact Center Solution

Customer Self-Service

Speech-enabled IVR, voicebots and chatbots give customers 24/7 access and seamless transition to agents as needed. Manage, unify and orchestrate across calls, webchat, mobile messaging and more.

Digital Channels

Chat, email and messaging apps enable fast response and action as needed. Context and interaction are preserved, with easy transition to live agent as needed. Co-browse and screen share let agents see what customers see.

Inbound Routing

Skill and cost-based routing improve efficiency and call resolution. Callbacks offer convenience to callers and reduce cost. Automate workload distribution and integrate with key systems for faster, better service.

Outbound Campaigns

Outbound dialer with built-in campaign management, inbound/outbound call management for blended agents, and proactive notifications via voice or messaging for timely, personalized, compliant, and efficient notices.

Workforce Engagement

Employee performance, resource, and quality management for better engagement and service levels. Increases speed to competeny, leverages AI, and supports high quality interactions.

Reporting + Analytics

Standard and customized reports on KPIs with visualization, dashboards, and real-time and historical views.

Integrations + Apps

CRM integrations including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, plus AppFoundry Marketplace solutions, and APIs for rapid application development.

AI-Optimized Operations

AI-powered bots, predictive routing, and predictive engagement demonstrate the value of AI in customer experience. Render bots across all channels. Optimize agent-to-customer match for routing.



  • Apply to on-premises or hosted solutions
  • Wrap operating system and libraries
  • Bundle to abstract applications from their physical environments
  • Reduce your infrastructure


  • Deploy to your preferred platform (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, other)
  • Choose the could provider best suited for each service
  • Remain flexible by using multi-cloud approach


  • Immutable architecture
  • Eliminate maintenance and upgrade cycles of on-premise, server-based solutions
  • Shift service traffic over time


  • Scale horizontally for no single point of failure
  • Trigger more instances in real-time, based on defined thresholds
  • Self-healing architecture
  • Pay for what you consume


  • Pick the best parts of each cloud provider
  • Move easily at any time
  • Incorporate innovations (e.g., bots from multiple cloud providers)


  • Deploy data within regional cloud instances for control and compliance
  • Deploy consumer-facing front-end services to public cloud

AI-Powered Contact Center

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Applying AI helps your business and customers connect, communicate and develop a relationship. With the power of Genesys AI — incorporating data integration, analytics and machine learning — you can personalize and continually improve customer engagements.

Master Digital Channels

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Whether you want to add new digital channels or get the most from channels you’ve already deployed, this ebook details five steps you can take on your journey to master digital engagement.