Has your cloud journey been accelerated due to the new remote/hybrid working model? Is your organization prepared today to leverage the public cloud?

ConvergeOne Azure Experts are here to develop a migration strategy and plan for your company. Learn more now by signing up for a Cloud Readiness Workshop.  



Backup and Disaster Recovery is a great workload to move to the cloud. Don’t bother with buying hardware or software along with Data Center space, you can leverage Azure public cloud to land backup and recovery workloads.

Using Azure Site Recovery or other 3rd Party products we can help create an automated Disaster Recovery plan.

Every organization needs a BCDR strategy, let ConvergeOne help consult around a process to automate backup and failover to Azure. 


Part of the Cloud Journey is migrating Databases for applications. 

ConvergeOne can help assist database migration strategy around the most popular platforms: SQL, Mongo, and Cosmos.

Through our WAVES methodology we can assist with the right migration and transformation strategy for your critical databases.  

Azure Competencies

Cloud Readiness Workshop

Many people have attempted to do a Lift and Shift for workloads without any prior planning or assessment. While this migration is cheap and easy to perform, it isn’t optimized nor cost efficient to run long-term.

Leverage ConvergeOne experts to move you to the fastest growing public cloud, Microsoft Azure, to make your business more efficient, agile, and hardware independent.

By leveraging Azure’s class leading Platform Services and ConvergeOne Managed Services you can reduce management overhead so your focus is on your data. Leave the infrastructure management to the ConvergeOne experts so your priority can be running your business and driving results. 

Attend a Cloud Readiness workshop with our team today. During this workshop we will identify the cost of your organization running in Azure, including network costs,  as well as recommendations for optimization to increase performance and lower costs. 

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