Maximize Your Uptime with our Proprietary, Award-Winning Managed Services solution

OnGuard takes the management of your ConvergeOne Cloud HCS to a superior level of efficiency and reliability. Built on decades of expertise and successful customer engagement, OnGuard’s capabilities are unmatched in the industry.

OnGuard is a 24×7 purpose built platform that offers state-of-the-art monitoring, management and maintenance support for every UC + CC solution we deliver.  The predictive and proactive capabilities of OnGuard maximizes your uptime resulting in seamless operations and success for your customers at the same time.

Minimizing the risk of downtime can be achieved through preventive monitoring, which senses and prevents problems in your environment before they occur. A mix of preventive monitoring and the ability to find and resolve problems quickly are essential for keeping your communication and collaboration solutions up and running smoothly.


OnGuard is a foundational platform that provides services for all of your IT needs. It’s not a mash up of third party products, but rather built from the ground up by our experts for:

  • Resource utilization
  • Proactive/preventive monitoring
  • Continuous improvement + uptime
  • Enterprise-wide communication
  • End-user satisfaction

How do You Benefit?

  • Increase uptime
  • Maximize visibility to overall solution health
  • Reduce repeat incidents by proactively identifying and resolving root cause
  • Leverage user-sourced feedback loops to continuously improve the platform
  • Promote sharing of on-the-job learning via user-sourced knowledge bases

Get the problem before the problem gets you.

With OnGuard you’ll receive automated alerts and continuous updates on high-severity issues, access to a customizable Web portal that provides tools and reports and 24×7 access to certified engineers and technical resources that follow through, rather than follow the sun.

Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary teams harness analytics and logging technology and methodologies to maximize every opportunity to streamline your business:


  • Leverage a single interface to review relevant logs from all devices we support
  • Simplifies the troubleshooting of complex, multi-product failures
  • Ensures the right data is available for troubleshooting and root cause analysis


  • Discover low-level repetitive events that indicate potential system issues
  • Apply to any event stream from multiple devices


Bring data and decision making back to the core.  Proactive, predictive monitoring across your entire ecosystem is possible with OnGuard. 

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