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Application Modernization

Legacy applications are the core of your business processes, whether they are custom-built internal applications, customer-facing off-the-shelf applications, or anything in between. Are those applications working for you? Do they deliver the performance your users need?


As your business needs evolve, your employees expect faster and easier access, and your customers demand a better experience in how they engage with you. Your applications need to reflect how you do business today, and more importantly, need the flexibility to adjust to how you will do business tomorrow.

ConvergeOne speaks the language of business and delivers modern application experiences that bring your vision to life.

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Use Cases: Why Modernize?

Legacy applications that are core to your business

Application modernization with cloud-native tools and services can help in many ways

Companies investing in digital innovation

Ride the digital transformation wave for essential business outcomes and value

Cyber security is a top priority

Avoid hacks and other cyberattacks with applications built with a security-first mindset
woman using her mobile phone and laptop

Make legacy systems cloud compatible through a business-centric approach

ConvergeOne brings new life to any existing application, with our goal of creating value fast - usually within 90 days.

  • SaaS applications
  • Legacy, custom-built software
  • Mainframe applications and systems
  • Monolithic applications

Proven. Progressive. Purposeful.

ConvergeOne brings a holistic, business-oriented approach to applications modernization, with all disciplines under one roof. The team includes best-in-class development, solution architects, data experts, cybersecurity professionals, and infrastructure gurus. 

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

with numerous credentials, including Certified Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Database, Security, Advanced Networking and more

Microsoft Gold Partner

with competencies in Azure Cloud Platform, DevOps and more

Google Cloud Service Partner

with professional certifications in Cloud Developer, Data Engineer and Cloud Architect

Create value fast with Application Modernization

ConvergeOne Application Modernization leverages what you have and aligns it to the way you work, delivering better performance, easier access, better security, and more. With public cloud experience, we bring your vision to life. 

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