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Cloud Deployment & Migration

While running application workloads in the cloud can accelerate digital transformation, successful cloud migration and deployment can be complex. ConvergeOne’s approach is designed to simplify the process, ensuring that your application workload deployment delivers value, in the cloud environment that best supports your business and drives results.

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Your cloud journey – tailored to you

Increased business agility and flexibility

Leverage new apps and services more rapidly

Simplified IT

Your staff can focus on what’s important – business results

Improved scalability

Your infrastructure and applications grow along with your business
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Accelerate digital trasformation

ConvergeOne's Cloud Deployment & Migration services assist clients through their cloud journey.

  • Identification of business processes and workloads that can benefit from cloud deployment
  • Development of your cloud migration plan aligned with your business processes
  • Migration of workloads to on-prem and public cloud environments for improved performance, compliance and other business objectives

Proven. Progressive. Purposeful.

We are focused on consulting, cloud architecture/deployment, data & analytics and managed services. Our team helps solve your business challenges with innovative technology that is secure, resilient and has a lower total cost of operation.


AWS and Azure certifications in the U.S.


years of experience migrating and modernizing applications for use in public cloud

Ensuring success in the cloud with Cloud Deployment & Migration

ConvergeOne Cloud Deployment & Migration supports customers on their cloud journey to successfully migrate workloads to the cloud.

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