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Cloud Modernization

Cloud modernization, and more importantly application modernization, helps organizations get the most out of their digital technologies, reaping the benefits of cloud-native technology.

ConvergeOne’s approach helps customers get the most out of the cloud. This includes modernizing your infrastructure, data architectures, and especially applications. There are many ways to modernize, and ConvergeOne helps determine options that best align with your desired outcomes.

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Customers benefit from cloud modernization

grow your revenue

Improved customer experience breeds better loyalty and drives repeat business

new revenue streams

Easily add new products and services with the flexibility afforded by modernized applications

Lower costs

Improve cloud optimization by reducing technical debt and making your IT staff more strategic
woman and man collaborating in the office

Reap the benefits of cloud-native technology

ConvergeOne's Cloud Modernization accelerates business and innovation.

  • Technology rationalization to identify application candidates for modernization or possibly to retire
  • Modernization workshops that help customers determine if applications can benefit from moving to the cloud

Proven. Progressive. Purposeful.

ConvergeOne can help customers make data-driven decisions on modernization approaches that best support business objectives.


AWS and Azure certifications in the U.S.


years of experience modernizing applications for use in public cloud

Increase revenue with Cloud Modernization

Industry leading cloud platforms provide the most value to your business and applications. ConvergeOne Cloud Modernization helps customers get the most out of cloud technology.

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