Improve Agent Responsiveness and Customer Satisfaction

Once you’ve received a customer call, routed it appropriately and queued it for your first available agent, you want to address the customer’s inquiry positively by having the right tools and integrations available to the agent.

Maximizing customer call experience is critical

Resolving a customer contact the first time – answering questions, addressing concerns and leaving the customer feeling completely satisfied – is in your company’s best interest. The reasons are clear:

  • There is a 20% drop in customer satisfaction for each additional call required to resolve a customer call.
  • Customers who do not get their call resolved are five times more likely to defect than those who had their call resolved.
  • The average consumer must call a company 2.3 times before having his or her issues resolved – and future purchase intent drops from 76% to 55% with the second call.

ConvergeOne’s excellent call agent tools can help you increase first contact resolution, decrease average handle time, lower your cost per call and ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.


  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with the agent desktop
  • CTI and application integrations, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), that enable data to be automatically updated across all applications
  • Pop-up scripts based on business intelligence help agents cross-sell or up-sell



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