Transforming Customer Data into Meaningful Business Intelligence

C1 understands that contact center supervisors and business leaders need tools to assist in the decision making process. Accurate and consistent reporting and analytics give you insight into how the business is doing, and what may need adjusting in order to drive effective communication with your customers.

Traditionally, contact centers have measured success by tracking call length, average speed of answer, call duration and other key metrics. While these numbers are useful, they tell only part of the story of how well a contact center is performing.

Customer satisfaction means different things to different people and how you measure it will vary from one business to another. Likewise, first call resolution may not be a good indicator of service levels. There might be a good reason why a customer might call a second time to complete a transaction; conversely, a transaction being completed in one call doesn’t tell you how the customer felt about the experience.

Below are just some examples of C1 contact center analytics offerings specific to Avaya and Cisco. Our engineers are always involved in research and development to create apps that optimize the data collected in the contact center.


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Customer Engagement Optimization Services

Register today for a complimentary Customer Engagement Optimization Services Proof of Concept. Discover the power of IVR Optimization and Voice + Text Analytics with our complimentary Proof of Concept.
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Extended Call History Interface

Extended Call History Interface

Maximize the value of your CMS data

We can help you make sure every call that comes into your business has the potential to reveal important details about your agent/employee productivity and the experience you provide to customers.

With the Extended Call History Interface (ECHI) Reporting Suite from C1, you can unlock the full potential and value of your Avaya Call Management System (CMS) data – gathering, interpreting, and reporting information that can help you enhance agent performance and service delivery. LEARN MORE

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Gain Insight into Customer Satisfaction

Customer Survey Manager (CSM) for Cisco offers a simple method for creating, launching and managing customer feedback surveys through IVR. Creating IVR-based surveys, in most cases, would require custom programming and expertise, but with C1's CSM, surveys can be developed and deployed in less than an hour.


Customer Survey Manager is helping a large digital satellite television company track the performance of their call center agents and installation employees/contractors. Using this customer survey software, they conducted two outbound surveys:

  1. Post-installation calls 
    This high-volume outbound call campaign integrates the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Cisco Outbound Option, Cisco Voice Portal (CVP), enterprise reporting systems, and their unique desktop applications.
  2. Customer care calls 
    When customers call in, they are offered an opt-in post call survey where they can provide feedback on the specific agent that they worked with, and their performance.

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