Customer Engagement Optimization Services (CEOS)

Customer Engagement Optimization Services (CEOS) is a solution set that helps our clients help their customers better than before. By optimizing the environment, C1 clients now have the unique capability of combining products and services that provide insights, streamline operations, and enhance the customer experience like never before.




CEOS Analytics provides actionable insights into the operation, voice of the customer, and sentiment, but we go a step further. With CEOS Analytics, once we’ve provided the insights, our clients can then take the action with the unique set of services that C1 offers.  It is one thing to get a report, it is quite another to take action, and measure it the next day for effectiveness.


Biometric Authentication


It’s easiest to break this down into two parts.  Authentication is the act of proving who you are, and that you’re authorized to talk about a specific item (like an account). Traditionally companies authenticate customers by asking a series of questions of things that a customer “knows”. Biometrics are items that are unique only to you, like your voice, thumbprint, or face- this is who you “are”.  The combination of the two allows for companies to realize the savings in fraud as well as streamlining their operations by saving time authenticating customers using biometrics. 



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