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22 Cyber Security Tips
for 2022

22 Cybersecurity Tips for 2022 White Paper


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On-Demand Cyber Security Webinars

Watch the following webinars at your convenience and learn how to keep your organization
from being the next victim, all while improving your overall security posture.

  1. How to Win the Ransomware War
  2. Why Cyber Security is the Number 2 Concern for U.S. CEOs
  3. Building Human Firewalls: 10 Steps to Cyber Awareness
  4. How to Make Best Practice Become Common Practice in Cybersecurity
  5. How to Make Your Cyber Security Governance "Next-Gen" Too!
  6. Zero Trust: 5 Reasons Your Organization Can No Longer Afford to Trust
Presented by Tim Femister, Vice President, Digital Infrastructure, and our other ConvergeOne experts.
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ConvergeOne End-to-End Cyber Security Solutions & Services and FireStorm POV Assessment

Attackers today are more pervasive, persistent, and proficient than ever at evading and disrupting traditional cyber security infrastructure. Are you taking the appropriate precautions?

ConvergeOne understands the unique needs of your industry and the ever-changing environment in regulated and unregulated organizations. We impact your business with increasing performance and scale requirements, mobile device proliferation, and the increasing need for employees to communicate and collaborate securely in real time. LEARN MORE

We can provide you with all the traditional cyber security measures, such as a firewall for your network, as well as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Cisco’s proprietary Adaptive Cyber Security Appliance (ASA.) You can sleep tight at night knowing there are no monsters under the router.
You need to maintain a watchful eye on the things that matter to you the most – and setting up your cyber security system accordingly. It’s also important, however, to maintain a vigilant watch for the latest in malware as well as potential new cyber security developments. We can provide you with a thorough risk mitigation plan.

Network Security, Firewalls + Technology

Keeping the bad guys out

Effective risk reduction requires a solution that combines multiple trusted cybersecurity technologies working together. Protection for an organization’s critical information assets includes secure firewall, application cyber security and intrusion prevention capabilities in a single platform.

Prevent Intrusion with Firewall, Multiple Security Technologies

A reliable network firewall solution from ConvergeOne helps your company keep unauthorized visitors from accessing valuable business resources.

Instead of providing only point products that set a base level of security, Cisco’s ASA embeds network firewall security throughout the network and integrates security services in all its products. As a result, network firewall security becomes a transparent, scalable and manageable aspect of the business infrastructure.

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Risk Management with Comprehensive Disaster Recovery

Don’t let a natural disaster become a disaster for your company

Risk management means your disaster recovery plan supports every level of your enterprise before, during and after — protecting people, processes, data and infrastructure in the event of the unexpected.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

With disaster recovery, it’s not enough to have an insurance policy in place to recover things that may be lost if disaster strikes. The right disaster recovery plans, like the ones ConvergeOne can provide, support every level of your enterprise – people, processes, data and infrastructure – from before the event occurs all the way through to the aftermath. That involves everything from business continuity assessment and planning, to network availability and data continuity, to recovery and crisis management.

Going down or slowing down can seriously affect your revenue or even your organization’s long-term survival. We provide IT and infrastructure risk management and business resilience expertise to assess the range of risks to the IT resources and assets on which your business processes depend. Ensure that your business processes and systems are able to predictably recover from and respond to disruptive events anywhere within the enterprise.



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