The corporate nerve center

Your data center is like your company’s brain. It holds all the memories. It provides a central core for the rest of your company to rely on.

Clearly if there were any one entity that the success of your company was dependent on, it’s the data center. You want it safe, and you want it functioning clearly. ConvergeOne can keep your company’s brain functioning at its highest possible level, and that helps keep the rest of your company doing the same.

Virtualization allows you to easily expand or contract storage. It frees you from any future update headaches, and it allows multiple individuals to all work off the exact same work desk. No conflicts from one program to the next. Everyone is on the same page.



Keep everyone connected with reliable and safe servers that process more terabytes of information than you could possibly generate. Go ahead, test us. LEARN MORE
Whatever type of storage you prefer, we can provide you however much of it you need. We can also advise you on which we feel best suits your individual needs. LEARN MORE
Don’t let the increasing demands on your technology infrastructure bog down your company’s progress. We can provide you the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve, and provide efficient data management. LEARN MORE
Safer. Easy to back up – and recover. More flexibility. The benefits of virtualization for desktops, platforms and servers are many. Including the reduced need for headache medicine in your company’s kitchen cabinets. LEARN MORE
The corporate nerve center

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