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The Shifting Role of IT in the Era of Digital Transformation

The data center is the heartbeat of your organization, impacting every budget, set of applications, and infrastructure availability. It is the cornerstone of your strategic plan.

We know that our customers’ number one concern is trying to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change–what we commonly refer to as digital transformation. At ConvergeOne, we’re responsible for ensuring that you are prepared to make this shift, and we won’t let you down. We take painstaking pride in our customer relationships, and review over 50+ key business and technology components through our 7-layer transformation framework.

How do we do this? By offering data center solutions with a lifecycle approach, following a proven consultative methodology through in-depth assessments and workshops, and developing deep-dive plans and design sessions. Once all solution components are identified and approved, we deploy the solution and offer 24x7 managed services support. This is the ConvergeOne difference. 



Exploring the Modern Data Center Guide

Download the use cases below to learn how:

A Medical School's Clinics Become Operational Overnight with the Help of ConvergeOne

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Merging Banks with Clashing Data Center Strategies Come Together with ConvergeOne

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We work with more than 300 technology partners – leading hardware companies and software providers – so we can deliver the right solution for your unique needs. Our experience with these other leading companies enables us to design, implement, manage and support even the most complex multivendor environments. Learn more about our partners.



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