A Complete ConvergeOne Solution

With most IT providers looking to deliver a hybrid-cloud solution to their users, ConvergeOne has many solutions to fit the need. ConvergeOne C-Stack is a complete solution that encompasses compute, storage, networking, and virtualization with a clear path to public cloud. ConvergeOne C-Stack encompasses best of breed components including Pure Flash/NVMe storage, Cisco UCS/Nexus, and VMware Hypervisors to deliver a seamless solution that offers centralized support models through ConvergeOne's Managed Services team via contracts. Being one of only eight ASP partners in the U.S. gives ConvergeOne the ability to take first call support from our customers for the entire stack.




Why is the ConvergeOne C-Stack solution right for me?

Typical use cases revolve around Application Acceleration, Data Protection, Hybrid or Multi Cloud strategies, Epic EMR environments, and even Artificial Intelligence.

The justification can be summed up with ROI's as high as 400% and as quick as 10-month timeline for break-even status on the investment (IDC 2018). Other benefits include quicker time to market, streamlined delivery, centralized support, and easy scalability either on-premise or into the public cloud.

What does ConvergeOne bring to the solution?

With the acquisition of Venture Technologies, ConvergeOne brought a mature Flashstack/C-Stack practice to the table. The staging facility and services include:

  • Build, engineering, and transportation services allowing for builds of multiple C-Stacks at a time.
  • All shipping materials are recycled, every cable labeled (on both ends), all cables are routed for a clean appearance
  • Racks are filled to allow for proper airflow
  • Asset tags are affixed, and full documentation with testing is performed.
  • Flexible funding options including leasing and as-a-service options.

Once the ConvergeOne C-Stack is ready, it is rolled into a custom-built aluminum shipping container and ready for its journey to your datacenter. Once the system arrives quick connections to power and networking along with system checks are completed and your C-Stack can be online and ready for production within one-hour.

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