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Could You Survive a Ransomware Attack?

According to research from Cybersecurity Venture, by 2021, a new organization will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds. Organizations of all sizes are looking at proactive approaches to protect, detect and most importantly recover in the event of a ransomware attack.

ConvergeOne has partnered with Data Protection industry leaders to provide our customers with world class cyber recovery solutions.

Cyber Recovery Services

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Cyber Recovery for a School District

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Experts in Ransomware Protection

  • Leading skillset in Cyber Security, Data protection, Cloud Security, and Cyber Recovery

Unique Methodology to Ensure Accuracy 

  • Over 10 Technology Points and over 70 Security controls and strategies

Proven Ransomware Protection Reference Architecture 

  • Ransomware Protect, Detect, and Recover
  • Ransomware Defense: Foundations / Advanced

Comprehensive Eco System of Partners and Cyber Security Service Providers

  • Over 30 Industry leading Data protection and Cyber Security Partners

Advanced Ransomware Services Capabilities

  • Professional, Managed and Cloud Services
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Cyber Recovery Workshop

ConvergeOne Cyber Recovery Services provide a combination of specialized cyber vault and indexing technologies with traditional backup platforms, giving you the ability to recover your systems and data to resume operations as quickly as possible.

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