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Infrastructure Advisory

Leading organizations confidently navigate the complexities of digital transformation by working with experienced advisory partners. ConvergeOne’s customers engage experienced hybrid cloud advisors in workshop sessions to uncover gaps, define strategies, and refine the architecture of their transformation journey. The results include actionable roadmaps and plans capable of delivering modernized, agile, secure and resilient hybrid cloud experiences. 

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Cost-effective, secure technology architecture designs accelerate benefits


Hybrid cloud strategies to changing business requirements


Applications and user experiences

Assure performance

Delivering secure and safe access to all applications

Improve Operational Agility

Allowing for improved speed-to-market

Alleviate Risk

With secure and compliant network operations
group of coworkers collaborating in front of computer

Build a proven, resilient path forward

With Infrastructure Advisory, we perform discovery, gap analysis, and planning to create your unique roadmap.

  • Hybrid cloud advisory services focusing on hybrid cloud transformation and resiliency needs to map a progressive, cloud-oriented roadmap for your success
  • Data protection advisory services  bring expertise and guidance on modern hybrid cloud protection strategies
  • Interactive workshops combined with our hybrid cloud health check give customers a holistic view of where their hybrid cloud planning is today, their level of preparedness, and any gaps that could affect them going forward
  • Advisory workshops are client-centric assessments employing our proprietary WAVES methodology to assess and plan

Proven. Progressive. Purposeful.

ConvergeOne Infrastructure Advisors earn the trust of our clients with the application of our industry experience and vendor relationships. 

30+ years

of hybrid cloud design, implementation and professional services expertise


highly certified solutions architects and delivery engineers


approach that doesn’t sacrifice the importance of on-premises and hybrid solutions

advanced hybrid cloud capabilities

spanning advisory, design, assessment, integration, implementation validation and visibility

extensive ecosystem

of hybrid cloud technology partners

Develop transformative strategies with Infrastructure Advisory

We support our customers from strategy through execution with proprietary offerings and proven methodologies that deliver on modernization efficiencies to maximize business value.

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