Avaya ENGAGE 2018: The Future of Communications + Digital Transformation

Posted on February 8, 2018

Last week, several of our thought leaders traveled to New Orleans to participate in Avaya ENGAGE 2018 (check out our tweets for our real-time updates throughout the conference). Excitement abounded as Avaya unveiled its plans for the future and invited leading innovators, like ConvergeOne, to participate in thought-provoking sessions about the state of business communications. ConvergeOne even walked away with the title of Avaya 2017 Service Partner of the Year.

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The Cost of Moving Communications to the Cloud 

Posted on February 6, 2018

For many businesses, the perceived cost of new technology—versus continuing to use or migrating existing technology—is a roadblock to the cloud.

In addition, they are concerned about the number of people required to support the cloud, and the cost associated with hiring and retaining those resources.

Do any of these concerns sound familiar?

  • “We just put in a new voice and data system five years ago!”

  • “We already have a lot of CapEx—we want OpEx and a way to grow faster.”
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How to Protect Against Meltdown + Spectre Security Flaws

Posted on February 2, 2018

If you listen to the news reporting on Meltdown and Spectre you would have no doubt in your mind that these issues must be addressed immediately. According to most reports, the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities have shaken everyone’s fundamental trust in technology.

They impact nearly every piece of computer and communications technology manufactured in the past 20 years, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, computers and smart refrigerators. They represent a clear and present danger to your data and the integrity of your system security, but let’s take a deep breath and understand what is the real risk.

Understanding the scope and impact of a threat is key to understanding how to mitigate the risk.

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Common Cloud Migration Roadblocks + How to Move Past Them

Posted on January 29, 2018

We recently completed a 14-city roadshow speaking with customers about cloud solutions and business drivers. We wanted to hear what the cloud means to today’s businesses and ensure that our portfolio addresses their needs.

Our team captured the insights, noting commonalities around the most pressing concerns and challenges IT professionals and business executives encounter when considering a move to the cloud. Here is what we learned.

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