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ConvergeOne + Avaya

The cloud isn’t a destination – it’s a toolkit. Customers want experiences that are effortless. Employees want easy access to the people and tools they need. With Avaya and ConvergeOne, there is an experience platform that makes it all possible.


ConvergeOne + Avaya Solutions

Innovation without disruption. Avaya is reimagining digital communications with innovation that defines the future of work and the customer experience. Together with ConvergeOne, Avaya empowers organizations to deliver experiences that matter to customers and employees alike.

Avaya Experience Platform(TM) for seamless collaboration

Delivering the Total Experience – The Avaya platform empowers businesses to compete in the Experience Economy by orchestrating the Total Experience for their employees and customers. Avaya delivers speed to value, accelerates portfolio innovation and composability and enhances communications with the design, scale and resilience of the cloud.

Communications APIs

Seamlessly power the experience for customers and employees. Avaya enables businesses to easily integrate voice, video and messaging into their own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces.


In an emergency, access to accurate information can mean the difference between life and death. Experts estimate that if we had better location standards for indoor cellphone calls, we could save up to 10,000 lives every year. From severe weather to active shooters, it's critical for all businesses, schools, and organizations to quickly detect, manage, and respond to life-threatening situations.

Customer Experience

Avaya Innovation without disruption helps organizations quickly move their contact center to an always-on, hassle-free and flexible cloud experience to deliver an effortless customer experience across multiple channels and maximize employee and team performance.

ConvergeOne + Avaya Insights

Salelytics thrives as a standalone BPO Provider

Watch our video to see how ConvergeOne Cloud Experience (C1CX) powered by Avaya is helping Salelytics thrive as a standalone BPO provider with a solid infrastructure and core functionality.

Aims Community College reduces phone system workload by 30%

Using Avaya Cloud Office, the college has been able to dramatically improve its ability to route calls directly from students, staff and the public with simple, clear IVR instructions.

Empower Your [work]Force

You’ve likely heard of the Great Resignation and the challenges associated with finding and retaining employees while providing a quality customer experience. Learn what this means for your entire organization and how providing a Total Experience through a layered approach limits risk within your business.

Avaya OneCloud Noise Removal

Work from anywhere means learning to coexist with distractions. With Avaya’s best-in-class AI Noise Removal, nothing (even barking dogs, lawn mowers or really loud kids) gets in the way of important conversations.

Connect with ConvergeOne

Ready to future-proof your customer and employee experience strategy? Learn more about how Avaya and ConvergeOne can help you integrate a cloud experience that is responsive, reliable and builds purposeful engagement throughout your business.