Security and Compliance is the biggest area of growth for the IT industry over the last 10 years. Microsoft has become the leader in more Gartner categories than any other Security software company demonstrating that their products span more than just Microsoft Infrastructure.  

ConvergeOne Microsoft Security Experts can identity gaps in your strategy so you can stay better protected and reduce the likelihood of becoming another news story. 

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Identity and Security Workshop

A comprehensive Identity and Access management strategy can help prevent 99.9% of exploits. Ensuring your organization and data is safe from identity threats is critical to any IT environment. 

As the leader in Identity Management and authentication, AzureAD is the largest Single Sign-On provider. By leveraging AzureAD, ConvergeOne can help implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and Single Sign-On to ensure you have a single, secure identity management plane. No longer is on-premises Active Directory the single source of truth.

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Security Review Workshop

When was the last time your company changed its security or compliance settings in Office365/Microsoft365 since your deployment and migration?

According to industry experts, this is never reviewed post deployment/migration to the public cloud. The landscape is ever changing with new features and security solutions being released every month so you could be missing out. 

For current or new O365/M365 customers, ConvergeOne has created a security review workshop for you. This workshop focuses on your Secure Score and Compliance Score in the Security/Compliance admin center.

Schedule the Security Review Workshop today to improve your security in the Microsoft cloud. A full report with findings and recommendations will be produced as part of this workshop. You can schedule your workshop by selecting "Security Review Workshop" on the contact form to the right.

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