Proactive Monitoring to Support Business Continuity

Maintaining an optimized, healthy, modern IT infrastructure can be a daunting task. ConvergeOne’s IT Managed Services powered by OnGuard let your IT staff rest easy knowing that our team of engineers and industry-leading management platform are watching your environment.

OnGuard-graphic-websiteAIOps Platform Enabling Continuous IT Operations Management

ConvergeOne’s OnGuard Service Delivery Platform is used across all ConvergeOne Managed Services. With OnGuard, we make IT Operations easier.

Single Pane of Glass – You shouldn’t have to use multiple tools to manage your infrastructure. OnGuard consolidates monitoring, management, and alerting into a single Customer Center portal view.

Machine Learning – Incidents can happen without warning. OnGuard’s advanced Machine Learning algorithms monitor your environment and alert our engineers before problems occur.

Leveraged Knowledge – History shouldn’t repeat itself. As we resolve issues in one environment, we create OnGuard Audit Bots to look for and resolve the same issue across each of our clients to prevent the issue from happening again.

Quickly Adaptable – OnGuard is developed and built by ConvergeOne so we can quickly adapt to our client’s unique environments, requests, and needs.

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Actionable Data for Automated Improvements

Our OnGuard philosophy is to provide a service management platform that supports today’s advanced data center, cloud, network, and communications technologies and deliver actionable data to drive informed decisions for service improvement and automation. By doing so, we improve our clients’ overall system availability through increased Mean Time Between Failures and reduced Mean Time to Repair so you can focus on your business and customers.

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Discover how ConvergeOne delivers modernization and next-generation capabilities using technologies that our customers already have.

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Proven Successes with OnGuard

With over a decade of Managed Services experience, thousands of current US-based and international clients, over 3 million ports and devices under management, and hundreds of thousands of proactively managed alarms, ConvergeOne has the Managed Services experience and service delivery platform that can solve your IT service challenges. 


3 Crucial Steps to Achieving
Monitoring Success in a Complex
IT Environment

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Resolving Customer
Incidents In-House
with OnGuard



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