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Modern Meeting Rooms & Workspaces

Aging in-room conference and meeting room functionality and old personal computing devices drive up costs and limit inclusive hybrid collaboration. ConvergeOne provides remote and on-site workers with equal and inclusive collaboration opportunities through integrated Room-Kits and IT Lifecycle Services to increase engagement, satisfaction and productivity.


Workspace audio, visual and user compute device solutions must converge to meet the strategic goals of the enterprise. Solutions require tight integration to allow remote and on-site workers the same collaborative opportunity and experience. Success comes from seamless meetings and collaboration in workspaces, meeting rooms, across integrated tools and platforms, anytime, anywhere.

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Activate collaborative benefits in Meeting Rooms & Workspaces

Seamless Collaboration

At home, in meeting and conference rooms, huddle rooms and workspaces

Complex Integration

Of hardware, collaboration platforms, audio-visual, sharing and calling technologies

High-Resolution experience

Across high-definition, hi-fidelity audio-visual solutions, featuring image and conversation tracking

Modern Devices

Personalized experiences to increase engagement and productivity

Cost Managed

Flexible lifecycle cost options with CAPEX, OPEX or Device as a Service (DaaS); lower maintenance, management & repair costs


Design, plan, implement, migrate, optimize and free up valuable resources


Increased uptime and higher user satisfaction from proactive, AI-driven management, monitoring and MACD Services
coworkers participating in a video call in a meeting room workspace

Empowering teams to reach their full potential

Energizing staff for accelerated results with seamlessly integrated meeting room and workspace solutions for the hybrid enterprise.

  • Room-Kits provide fully integrated and managed hi-fidelity audio-visual solutions with agnostic collaboration and sharing capabilities to promote inclusivity across meeting rooms, platforms and workspaces.
  • IT Lifecycle Services provide accelerated provisioning of end-user devices in both the private and public sector from procurement through asset disposition to reduce costs and enable seamless collaboration and engagement.
  • Solutions offer design and technical engineering, procurement and logistics, asset tagging, staging, imaging, enrollment, flexible configuration, deployment and IMAC management with post-deployment support.

Proven. Progressive. Purposeful.

Achieve inclusive collaboration with ConvergeOne Modern Meeting Rooms & Workspaces.

15% increase

in productivity and augmented user experiences from personalized end-user devices

seamless experience

with pre- and post-deployment support

optimized procurement

with DaaS, asset management and ongoing management


cheaper than a 4-year-old PC


faster than a 4-year-old PC

Transforming productivity in meeting rooms and workspaces

Modern Meeting Rooms & Workspaces offer new audio-visual and sharing technologies, and modern devices integrated across all tools, platforms and leading collaboration solutions.

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