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Transition from Monolith to Microservices- Advantages, Disadvantages + Use Cases Software

By: Eugene Khazin, Principal and Co-Founder, Prime TSR, a ConvergeOne Company

Are microservices the future of application development? If you look at the growth of companies using microservices, the answer is absolutely yes. The microservices architecture market is growing at a steady pace. Data from the Market Research Future shows that the microservices industry is expected to increase by 17% between 2017 and 2023 and will soon reach $33 billion. Given this trend, let's take a closer look at the advantages (and disadvantages) of adopting microservices.

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 Legacy System Modernization Approaches to Revamp Outdated Software

By: Rob Eguchi, Solution Architect, Prime TSR, a ConvergeOne Company

Although legacy software presents serious disadvantages to businesses, many organizations are hesitant to begin modernizing their outdated software. If your company uses outdated programs, Prime TSR, a ConvergeOne Company can help you achieve successful digital transformation through an efficient legacy modernization project. Read on to learn the best legacy system modernization approaches and the numerous benefits of updating your company’s software. 

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The Rise of DevOps In the Enterprise

By: Rich Kopeikin, Director, Cloud Architecture, Prime TSR, a ConvergeOne Company

As software development technologies have continued to evolve, so to have development process methodologies. The notion of DevOps, short for development operations, is the latest development ideology to excite and stir the IT community. The purpose of this article is to give an overview of DevOps in the enterprise and answer some basic questions like: What really is DevOps? Why is DevOps so important? And why is DevOps suddenly so popular?

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The Cloud Is Transforming How We Build Software

By: Eugene Khazin, Principal and Co-Founder, Prime TSR, a ConvergeOne Company

The creation and growth of cloud-native services are not only changing how technology departments are creating new tech, but it’s also changing the entire business landscape altogether. Digital and cloud mean a new normal: No servers to maintain, cheaper cost of service, quicker speed to market. Over the past decade, the cloud has revolutionized the tech-savvy organizations, and now it’s an all-out race to realize the potential upside for all enterprises.

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By: Craig Chumley, Executive Vice President of Cloud, Managed Services and Marketing, ConvergeOne + Tim Femister, Vice President of Digital Infrastructure, ConvergeOne

Several years ago, companies rushed to move their data to the cloud simply for the sake of being in the cloud. But adopting a cloud strategy should not be taken lightly. It’s a journey that requires a methodical approach, deep domain knowledge, top-notch security and a trusted partner. Along that road, you’ll find greater scalability, resiliency, agility and innovation. Discover six key steps to drive a successful cloud modernization strategy.

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By: Hassan Kassih, Senior Director, National Data Center Practice, ConvergeOne

Hackers have upped the ante. Throughout 2021, cyber criminals grew more sophisticated, more organized, and more aggressive, using advanced techniques and cooperation among hacker groups to drive an unprecedented number of attacks. All told, the cost may tally an estimated $6 trillion in losses just this year, according to Cyber Security Ventures. Nearly 80% of senior IT and IT security leaders say their organizations lack sufficient protection against these attacks.

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By: Chris Ripkey, Senior Director, Cybersecurity, ConvergeOne + Vito Nozza, Principal Consultant, Cybersecurity Lifecycle Consulting, ConvergeOne

There are countless stories of entities across the business and societal landscape, from big corporations to hospitals to schools, navigating data breaches and other forms of cyber-attacks that put their organizations, employees and stakeholders at risk. The question is how to keep one step ahead or, at the very least, to keep pace with best practices?

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By: Chris Ripkey, Senior Director, Cyber Security, ConvergeOne

Ransomware is currently headline news — and rightly so. Technology professionals around the globe have observed recent spikes in this form of cybercrime with alarm. The sheer volume of ransomware attacks in the first six months of 2021 is said to have eclipsed the 12-month total for 2020 and shows little sign of slowing.

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By: Phillip Yeich, Senior Director, Product Management, ConvergeOne + Frank Tersigni, Vice President, Intellectual Property GTM, ConvergeOne

Customer service is the current competitive arena. Happy customers will lead to trust, loyalty, and increased revenue. The secret to winning? Personalized experiences. ConvergeOne executives Phillip Yeich and Frank Tersigni outline five key steps to creating them.

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By: Frank Tersigni, Vice President, Intellectual Property GTM, ConvergeOne

2020 raised the bar on customer experience across the board. Most people spent more time at home using more devices connected for more time. In response to the changed landscape, utilities have pivoted to provide more personalized service, helping customers use energy more efficiently while providing access to more services virtually.

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TL-Return to Work- C.Haberman-1

By: Colleen Haberman, Vice President of Human Resources, ConvergeOne

The return to the office—and the hybrid workplace—are hot topics for C-level executives across the nation, as companies decide how and where team members will work going forward. But creating a new way to work, in which some people work 100% in the office, some work 100% at home and others do a bit of both, presents a conundrum for employers.

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TL-Protecting Your Organization-banner-1

By: Tony Ocampo, Senior Solutions Architect, ConvergeOne + Eric Jansta, Senior Solutions Architect, ConvergeOne 

It’s time to build your defense.

Last year, ransomware attacks grew by 150%, according to cyber-intelligence firm Group-IB, and in 2021, damages from cybercrime may hit $6 trillion, up from $3 trillion in 2015, according to the State of Ransomware report by security firm BlackFog.

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Featuring: John McKenna, Chairman + CEO, ConvergeOne

ConvergeOne Chairman + CEO John McKenna recently appeared on CRNtv to discuss how UCaaS with Avaya Cloud Office is meeting the needs of a growing mobile and distributed workforce. More than 75 ConvergeOne customers have purchased ACO with 40,000 users inside that base—and for these users, it’s been a resounding success. How can you increase the productivity of your workforce in a post-COVID world, where there is a mix of people working in the office and working at home? John explains how new features can help with productivity.

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By: Adam Born, Director, Cisco Collaboration, ConvergeOne + Mark Haas, Cisco Solutions Architect, ConvergeOne

We’ve been dialing 911 for emergencies since 1968. So 911 calling wouldn’t appear to be a hot topic among business and technology professionals today. But it is. New legal changes are coming, and leaders must plan to be compliant for their offices and remote workers. Some employees will return to the office, while others will continue to work from home. It will be important to identify their location in cases of emergencies, no matter where they are or where they go. The first step is education, says Mark Haas, a ConvergeOne solutions architect who counsels companies on these types of changes.

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By: Kathy Sobus, Senior Director of Customer Experience Strategy, ConvergeOne

The pandemic has served up yet one more new challenge for businesses that must house and secure customer information. Identity theft is on the rise—and the bad guys aren’t necessarily relying on hacking to breach valuable data. Instead, they’re using social engineering—or the psychological manipulation of people, and in this case, contact center workers—to gain access to accounts or to divulge confidential information and take over the account. Pre-pandemic, fraudsters made up an estimated 30% of all incoming calls to businesses.2 Today, they make up 60% of those calls. Part of the problem is that everyone—both contact center agents and criminals—are working from home.

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By: Kathy Sobus, Senior Director of Customer Experience Strategy, ConvergeOne

When COVID-19 shut down much of the world’s economy in March, it didn’t shut down the influx of customer service needs. Whether at home or unemployed, many suddenly had more questions and more time to wait on hold while using other means of connection outside of the phone, including websites, apps, text, social media, and email. Meanwhile, companies struggled to transfer complex in-office operations to remote locations, oftentimes at home. Now that the U.S. is reopening, everything is changing once again, driving new customer questions.

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By: Joe Vigorito, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Lifecycle Consulting, ConvergeOne

Malicious hacking is on the rise, whether it’s ransomware attacks on target municipalities, data breaches that divulge details on millions of people, or supply chain hacks that kneecap global trade. The threats—and vulnerabilities—will continue to grow in the post-COVID workplace.

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By: Mark Wechsler, Vice President Advisory Services, ConvergeOne

For large organizations, the shift to a remote workforce isn’t as simple as opening a laptop and Slack. Here’s what CIOs need to do now to support the post-COVID workplace. When the pandemic forced thousands of workers to work home last spring, obstacles loomed everywhere for CIOs. Today, months later, the challenges continue as many companies were forced to rethink how—and where—we work.

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By: Paul Gibbs, Global Account Manager + Robert Redd, National Director - Public Sector, ConvergeOne

Last spring, when COVID-19 first raged around the globe, contact tracing became standard vocabulary in the world, as containment of the virus became a top priority for every major enterprise, government and institution. Contact tracing, along with widespread testing, became a powerful tool in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.  

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By: Kathy Sobus, Senior Director of Customer Experience Strategy, ConvergeOne

Workers are largely remaining at home. What does all of this mean to the contact center business, and how can we morph this into something more workable than what we have today?

It’s been six months since we’ve:
• Moved our college students home
• Started homeschooling our children
• Relocated our work to a remote/home work setup
• Migrated our business life to a blend of personal and professional
• Endured hours of video calls while juggling all of the above (and more)

And for most, there is no end in sight.

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By: Tim Femister, Vice President Digital Infrastructure, Chris Ripkey, Sr. Director Cybersecurity, + Kathy Sobus, Sr. Director of Customer Experience Strategy

As businesses around the world manage an uncertain future, it’s crucial that companies create a new framework for how people work and embrace new technology and plan to boost security, collaboration and productivity. The ConvergeOne leadership team recently hosted a virtual Executive Exchange with over 50 key customer leaders to share ideas, best practices and perspectives to support growth strategies and drive future success, summarized here.

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