We help clients increase deployment speed and improve financial transparency when launching new product features using our DevOps framework.

DevOps + Agile Integration

To avoid disruption, organizations look to accelerate how they get new product features to market. DevOps and Cloud Automation shifts how innovators deploy in a more predictable, stable, and secure way.

We make it possible to test and deploy in a matter of minutes when it matters most. Infrastructure as a Code, or IaC, allows companies to deploy infrastructure automatically and reliably without human intervention.

We help clients react quicker to business needs, empower their organizations to be more nimble and get new capabilities to market faster. Using essential DevSecOps tools and a proven adoption framework, we integrate security into an organization's DevOps culture and Agile processes, resulting in secure continous integration and delivery every time.

Going from innovation to execution has never been more efficient. We help organizations improve speed to market and launch new product features that are tested & deployed in an automated fashion. We start with a maturity assessment and move to a DevOps roadmap for a more collaborative and automated culture.

When Business and IT are truly aligned, great things happen. Our team works directly with the executive IT and Business teams to create a new DevOps culture, and manage how the change is implemented.

Organizations that adopt DevOps deliver their product to market faster than their peers. We create an adoption framework and manage the knowledge trasfer to organizations looking to integrate DevOps into their delivery model.

DevOps is a never just a checklist of things to do. It is a 24/7 job. We help our clients implement, improve and maintain their cloud infrastructure and DevOps pipelines.

The DevOps Advantage

DevOps principles and practices allow for development and operations teams to work more collaboratively, improve the speed of delivering new product features to market, and enable continuous and automated deployment. Prime TSR, a ConvergeOne Company empowers organizations to adopt a scalable DevOps framework, using our experience as a tarmac for progress.


The Rise of DevOps In the Enterprise – Why Every IT Organization Should Have a Focus on DevOps

The purpose of this article is to give an overview of DevOps in the enterprise and answer some basic questions like: What really is DevOps? Why is DevOps so important? And why is DevOps suddenly so popular?



Press Ganey: Accelerating Healthcare Outcomes Through a Self-Service Analytics Platform

The new digital analytics and reporting platform was designed with modern cloud architecture and automated DevOps processes, along with fast data visualizations, that allow Press Ganey to add additional features faster while enabling more powerful analytics capabilities for its customers.



Vyne Medical: From Ideation to Execution - Modernizing a Legacy Process into a Revenue Generating Healthcare Solution

Prime TSR, a ConvergeOne Company implemented a cloud-based infrastructure in AWS using Infrastructure as Code and implemented DevOps processes, including Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD).




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