Every technology environment is unique and no customer has the exact same needs, that’s where we come in. ConvergeOne is obsessed with helping our customers. We’ve added layer after layer of capabilities to handle their every touchpoint, regardless of vendor.

As a Genesys Gold Partner, we have developed unmatched skills and expertise in supporting Genesys solutions, as a ConvergeOne customer you get:

  • integration capabilities with other manufacturers,
  • a true, nationwide partner with an in-house team of Genesys Engineers,
  • flexibility of delivery: on-premises, private, or public cloud offers for ConvergeOne solutions, and custom application development services.


As a Gold Partner, we have been recognized by Genesys for our vision, growth, and capabilities.


Get the solutions you want, the way you want them, and the way you want to finance them.


Combine Genesys availability SLAs with our monitoring and managed services for total peace of mind.

ConvergeOne + Genesys

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Customer Experience in Today's New Normal


In this webinar, ConvergeOne's Owen Robinson, Senior Director, Genesys Practice, and Genesys's Fernando Egea, Vice President, Sales Strategy, will discuss what it takes to deliver an excellent customer experience in today’s new normal, and the implications of maintaining disparate legacy contact center technologies versus modernizing with a single platform.

Register today to learn:

  • What it takes to deliver an excellent customer experience in our new reality
  • Why standing still will cause you to be left behind in today’s market
  • Measured business improvements you can achieve by consolidating onto one platform



Genesys’ unified, all-in-one IP communications software suite approach, offers a truly unique architecture that enables organizations to provide a common, channel-independent customer experience across the enterprise without costly and complex integration requirements, replication of systems, or vendor lock-in.


Call Center Software



The right cloud contact center software makes providing great customer experience easy, from call center basics to the latest CX innovations. To keep up with emerging communication channels and the consumers who adopt them, many call centers scrambled to add new functionality. This resulted in an accidental omnichannel approach, with separate point solutions cobbled together. And it created complicated systems that are cumbersome to use and expensive to manage. Contact center software by Genesys makes omnichannel easy.

Digital Sales and Service Automation

Use self-service and automation for better customer experience across channels and lower your costs. Proactively engage users with bots powered by Genesys AI. Streamline the service process and connect customers to the right resource the first time.

  • Assist potential buyers and help them navigate
  • Future-proof technology for an evolving strategy
  • Proven delivery of great customer experiences
  • Track interactions across all channels, including voice



Workforce Engagement Management


Craft a great call center culture. Use modern tools and technologies to engage teams and customers. In today’s increasingly complex call center, your employees need a robust combination of information, support and workforce optimization tools to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations. You need to define an employee engagement strategy that closely aligns with your customer engagement strategy. And you need to identify what drives inefficiencies and train your workforce accordingly to maximize their success. This means having the right set of workforce optimization tools.

Empower your employees with workforce optimization technology that yields measurable results for both the efficiency of your organization and the quality of your customer experience. With the integrated Genesys contact center infrastructure and workforce optimization capabilities, you can increase your employee engagement and workforce performance to deliver on your business objectives.

  • Boost your team’s performance
  • Compose smarter scripts that agents want to use
  • Simplify forecasting and scheduling

Reporting and Analytics

Get a complete view of your call center activities. Let data inform decisions and drive customer experience.

You’re sitting on a gold mine of data. Every customer interaction adds to it. To understand and manage complex customer journeys, you need clear and actionable insights from all touchpoints. But when those data points are siloed in separate channels, systems or spreadsheets, it’s hard to see the full picture.

Your call center reporting should highlight insights that make it easier to guide your team, take action and crush your goals. Customer experience software from Genesys gives you a single point of truth. Unlock actionable insights from every interaction, across every channel.

  • Drive better results with clear reporting and analytics
  •  Improve insights and visibility
  • Improve customer experience | Improve conversion rates



Integrations and Apps


Connect business-critical systems or add new tools and functionality to your call center software.

Switching to a new call center software doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Modern solutions work with your existing customer service tech stack. This lets you maximize investments without the need for IT support. Integrate workforce management systems, CRM software, PBX, ACD and other legacy systems. A unified contact center solution is faster and offers a better value.

  • Call center apps add functionality
  • Integrations unify your systems
  • Open APIs ease the burden

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

The Technology

  • We’re constantly innovating and keeping technologies current which translates to connected customer experiences.
  • Security in the cloud is a key consideration when choosing a new cloud-based call center platform.

CX Buyer's Guide

Transition Options

  • Cloud to Cloud Migrations
  • On-Premise to Cloud
  • Customer Upgrades
  • Changing Platform






WAVES-logoAt ConvergeOne, we’re delivering on our mission to provide an excellent customer experience with our WAVES Methodology.

This structured, proprietary methodology ensures your project adheres to a systematic approach, complete with assessment and validation milestones to guarantee a successful project delivery that accounts for all of your objectives. Each and every time you work with ConvergeOne, you will receive a seamless, end-to-end IT experience. Before prescribing a solution, you should analyze your entire network. At ConvergeOne, we invest in our customers by engaging in deep analysis before prescription. It’s foundational to our entire organization. It sounds obvious: analyze first, prescribe second, but many IT service providers fail to follow this approach because they are looking for a shortcut to success, or are selling an in-the-box solution. Our market-leading, proprietary, and proven WAVES Methodology takes a systematic approach to every engagement and comes complete with everything you need behind the scenes to be successful.

The Value of WAVES


With our WAVES Methodology, you can evaluate your investments holistically and prioritize accordingly – all while receiving critical insights that will allow you to make better business decisions.

  • Evaluate investments across a complete picture of the current environment
  • Identify potential gaps, risks, or concerns based on real data and best practices
  • Focus improvements based on criticality rather than an A-Z upgrade path
  • Deliver valuable insights to key business stakeholders



Our focus is customer success achieving outcomes with communication, collaboration and connections across all environments.
Decades of investment in our people, process and leading technologies have resulted in offerings for our customers to realize their objectives.
ConvergeOne’s expansive portfolio and world class expertise have received numerous awards by our technology partners.